Sanjay Mitra reviews work by States to promote Road Safety

Sanjay Mitra IAS_indianbureaucracy
Sanjay Mitra IAS_indianbureaucracy

The Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways chaired a meeting of state Transport Secretaries in New Delhi , to take stock of the compliance of directions issued by the Supreme Court appointed Committee on Road Safety (CoRS). The meeting was attended by Transport Department officials from all thirty states and three Union Territories. There was a review of the action taken by states in terms of policies, road engineering and enforcement to promote safety on roads. Stock taking was done with regard to formulating and adopting road safety policies, action plan for reducing road crash fatalities and injuries, establishing a Lead Agency in the states with adequate dedicated and professional staff to deal exclusively with road safety issues, establishing Road Safety Fund , implementing directions of the Hon’ble Court on Road Engineering as contained in its Judgement dated 22nd April 2014, rectifying immediately all Black Spots identified since 2011, drawing up a Protocol and an annual calendar for identifying Black Spots and their removal, carrying out road safety audits during design, construction and operation of roads, implementing recommendations of the audit and also enforcement issues

In its hearing on 26th August 2016, the Hon’ble Supreme Court had expressed serious concern over rising road traffic fatalities and injuries and had directed that the details of action taken by the States/UTs on the direction of Committee on Road Safety (CoRS) be reviewed at the Ministry of Road transport & Highways under the chairmanship of Secretary (RTH). The proceedings of the meeting including the action taken by the states in compliance of the directions of CoRS and their detailed action plan for reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries is to be filed before the Hon’ble Court before the next hearing on 19th Sept 2016. wishes the very best.

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