Sagar Purvi deployed to study Ocean Parameters


The Government of India has deployed the Coastal Research Vessel (CRV) Sagar Purvi to study about ocean parameters along the coastal waters of India.

CRV Sagar Purvi was deployed for implementing various programmes of Ministry of Earth Sciences such as Monitoring of marine pollution levels and conservation and management of coastal resources including coral reef under Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction System (COMAPS) Programme, Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management (ICMAM), Swathe bathymetry survey of the Exclusive Economic Zone of India (EEZ) along the coastal waters of India.

The data and samples collected using CRV Sagar Purvi was useful in understanding the marine pollution levels, biological wealth and conservation of coastal resources in the coastal waters of India and for the better understanding of the seabed morphological features and its geo-morphological implications.

Under COMAPS programme the water quality parameters are periodically monitored in sensitive coastal marine areas of India especially for oil spills and thus helping in development of possible prediction of sea water quality in these selected locations to assess the state of marine environment.

Bathymetry charts generated by swathe bathymetry surveys likely serve as a base map for Oceanographic Researchers, Communication purpose, Defence and Navigation sectors. Systematic sediment sampling and its analysis helps to understand the sedimentation history and palaeo-climatic regime of the Indian peninsula.

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