Rural Development Minister inaugurates SARAS IITF 2019

Rural Development Minister inaugurates SARAS IITF 2019
Rural Development Minister inaugurates SARAS IITF 2019

PIB News Update: The Union Minister for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Agriculture Shri Narendra Singh Tomar today inaugurated the SARAS IITF Mela 2019 at PragatiMaidan, New Delhi. Addressing the gathering, Shri Tomar congratulated everyone who is participating in the mela and wished them all the best. The Union Minister said that the didis (sisters) from the Self Help Groups (SHGs) possess a lot of positive energy and will power and the same should be utilized for progress of the nation. Shri Tomar added that the didis are not only improving and progressing their own households and families but also contributing towards progress and development of the nation.

Shri Tomar said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has stressed on two very important things which are empowerment of women especially through SHGs and removal of poverty from the nation and the didis from SHGs play a very important and crucial role in fulfilment of these two goals. The Union Rural Development Minister further added that the targetfor a $ 5 trillion economy set by the Honorable Prime Minister will be achieved by growth from all sectors but SHGs will definitely play a significant and remarkable role in this regards. Shri Tomar also said that it is important for men and women to work hand in hand for the growth and development of the nation and the Government is working dedicatedly for improving lives of its citizens especially women and making them financially independent.

The Minister of State for Rural DevelopmentSadhvi Niranjan Jyoti also participated as Special Guest at the event and addressed the gathering. She said that SARAS has been instrumental in increasing the motivation of didis. She said that women from SHGs called didis run their households with the money earned also also manage to save for the future which is in itself a remarkable feat. Quoting verses from the ‘Ramcharitmanas’ Shri Jyoti said these didis give inspiration to other women across the nation to become more independent and progressive.

Secretary, Department of Rural Development Shri Amarjeet Sinha said that SARAS has been able to build a good name for itself in the IITF Mela and people who come to visit the mela also visit the SARAS stalls. He said that lots of didis come to this mela to sell their produce and change their financial status. Shri Sinha said that this positive change in their financial status will help change the face of Rural India and make it more progressive. The Secretary asked the didis from SHGs in the crowd to raise their hands if they are coming to Delhi for the first time and many women did which shown the effectiveness of this event which not only provides an active forum for women from SHGs to earn money but also gain independence and experience which will further help them in marketing their produce and evolve a brand name for themselves eventually.

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