Prediction for 30th April – 2nd May, 2024 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Prediction for 30th April – 2nd May, 2024 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra (Retd) -Shastri in Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra (Retd) -Shastri in Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang

 Month – Vaishakh
 Paksha – Krishna
 Tithi – Shashthi up to 7:05 AM on 30 Apr, Saptmi up to 5:45 AM on 01 May 24,
Ashtmi up to 4:01 AM on 02 May, Navmi up to 1:52 AM on 03 May
 Moon – In Dhanu up to 10:36 AM on 30 Apr, In Makar up to 2:32 PM on 02 May
 Nakshatra –Uttar Ashadha up to 4:09 AM on 01 May, Shravan up to 3:11 AM on 02
May, Dhanishta up to 1:49 AM on 03 May

Colour of The Day  Tuesday – Favourable colour is red/ orange. You can combine with cream, off white, yellow, shades of yellow, grey, green, shades of green, checks of black and blue. Avoid white, pink, magenta, black and dark blue.  Wednesday – Favourable colour is green and shades of green. You can combine with golden, cream, white, pink, magenta, red, orange, yellow, shades of yellow, black, dark blue, checks of black and blue. Avoid light blue and off white colours. o Thursday – Favourable colours are yellow, shades of yellow, golden, cream, light blue, off white, red, orange, grey, checks of black and blue, black, dark blue. Avoid green, shades of green, pink, magenta white.

Prediction Based on Moon Signs

Aries(Mesh) – You will have success at work and maintain good health. You will gain monetarily and will benefit from state. Seniors will be happy and there will be happiness at home. However, you may have to stay away from home and incur expenditure. Take care of your eyes. You can have differences with brothers causing you loss of reputation. Your spouse can have problems and you can have quarrels with him/ her. There can be problems to kids too. This will keep you worried and sad and you may loose interest in food. Enemies can have an upper hand if you do not control your communication. There can be difference with relatives. Distribute sweets in hanuman mandir, cover your head. Apply saffron tilak. Pray to Shiv pariwar and Hanuman ji.

Taurus(Vrishabh) – The days will give you mixed results. You can have problems from the state, hence be careful while dealing with authorities. You are also likely to have problems due to enemies and males much younger to you. However, you will keep healthy and get wealth, respect victories, increase in income with hard work. You will benefit due to brother. Happiness will come as you have good meetings with friends, acquaintances. You are likely to have interest in auspicious works and can have some news about having a kid. Offer food to little girls, offer sindoor to Hanuman ji. Abhishek of Shiv pariwar.

Gemini(Mithun) – Look after yourself these days as you can have indigestion, cough, quarrels, arguments and mental tension along with loss of wealth. You may be forced to eat malignant food and can get hurt easily, hence be careful in all physical activities. There can be problems in profession, danger due to thieves. However, due to your communication skills you can be offered a new proposition and have an upper edge over enemies. There will be success at work. Some family happiness will be there. Visit Hanuman Mandir, recite Sundar kand. Pray to Ganesh ji, abhishek of Shiv pariwar.

Cancer(Kark) – The days will give you mixed results. You will gain monetarily due to short travelling/ being out on field and will have benefit at work. Partnership will be fruitful and you will enjoy good food as well as have fun. However, you should keep your temper and tone under control and work hard, else you will have humiliation and will feel shortage of money. There can be problem in occupation as enemies and opponents will be stronger. You are likely to feel sorry about happenings and have problems al most everywhere. Journeys will be uncomfortable and there can be loss of reputation, keep your words under check. Apply saffron tilak. Offer sindoor to Hanuman ji. Pray to your Guru.

Sinh(Leo) – The days will give you mixed results. You can have monetary gains and keep healthy, fame, happiness. You will enjoy good conversations with women specially. If at home, you will have a happy stay at home and defeat your enemies, despite being scared of them. If sick, you may start recovering. Expenditure will be more. You may have to suddenly move away from home and hard work can go waste. You can get hurt hence be alert while doing physical activities. Your communication skills will help you everywhere and will be happy as social as well as financial reputation will improve. Give roti to dogs, seek blessings of siter and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Worship Ma Durga and keep anise at bedside. Pray to Shiv pariwar. 

Virgo(Kanya) – If travelling, you can have problems in journey and will be worried due to family. You can be mentally disturbed and can have accidents. Do not drive. Your family can have physical and mental problems, shortage of food clothes etc. You will have difference of opinion and quarrels with spouse. Even you may have physical problems and will be scared from state. There can be loss of wealth and journeys will be unsuccessful. The days will keep you worried. Do not get into partnerships, offer sweets to sister, keep sweets to siter. Recite Hanuman Chalisa, Sankat Nashan Ganesh srotra. Abhishek of Shiv ji.

Libra(Tula) – Although you will have quarrels with family and will be restless throughout the day, yet you will have victories over enemies. Due to some or the other reason, although food will be good, yet you will not be able to have food or sleep peacefully. Do not argue with women. Due to your hard work, your influence will increase. You are likely to read good books and will be respected. If involved in music or books industry, you will particularly benefit. Take flowers while going for important work, pray to hanuman ji and abhishek of Shiv ji. Pray to ma Gauri.

Scorpio (Vrishchik) – The days will give you mixed results. You will get money, clothes and keep healthy, win over enemies and benefit from your family. Your luck will improve. However communication, temper and tone can cause losses. Health will be a problem and your kids are likely to fall sick. You may be driven towards immoral acts and prestige as well as glory can have a setback. Enemies are likely to create problems. Your plans can fail keeping you mentally worried due to spouse and kids. There can also be problems at financial front. Keep water on headboard and pour in plants in morning. Recite Sankat Nashan Ganesh Srotra and Hanuman Chalisa. Pray to Shiv ji.

Sagittarius(Dhanu) – Although you may get wealth and your mother may be happy, still she can have health issues. Property and land may increase and can have friendship with knowledgeable people at high positions. Yet there will be increase in enemies and opposition from family due to your temper. Family happiness will reduce and can feel shortage of resources. All this will keep you mentally unsatisfied and you will have difference of opinion with family. There will be failures at work. Youa re likely to take interest in unethical activities causing you losses. Abhishek of Shiv ji. Por sweet milk in Banyan tree and apply wet mud on navel, recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Makar(Capricorn) – You will have happiness and pleasure, feel healthy and enjoy good food, good clothes. May get a gift too. Your courage will increase and enemies will be defeated. Your influence and wealth will increase as well as debating, logical and reasoning skills will enhance. Despite this, you will be scared for any reason reducing your courage. There can be quarrels with brother. Despite this, you may get new friends. In forthcoming days, you may start getting interested in arts/ studies/ astrology. Recite Sankat Nashan Ganesh Srotra, pray to Shiv ji and Hanuman ji.

Kumbh(Aquarius) – You may loose strength and have no success at work giving you losses due to bad people. Be careful you can loose belongings due to theft/ misplacing them. You can have bile and use harsh words due to loss of temper. You will get no cooperation at work and will cause losses at work as well as loss of reputation. There will loss of money and expenditure will be high. There can be problems of health in eyes and body ache. However, good communication cand save grace and give some happiness. You may be respected due to an expert talk and knowledge may increase. Recite Hanuman Chalisa, abhishek of Shiv pariwar. Offer food to little girl and keep water at head side at night.

Pisces(Meen) – Your income can increase and you will get help from women. Women as well as non toxic liquids will be beneficial for you. You will be able to progress on your plans and make good progress if you keep women on your side. Control your temper and communication as your works can fail due to them. You have danger from fire, sharp edged objects as well as problems due to bad people. If travelling, drive carefully. You will also experience back biting and can use foul language. Be careful of your belongings. Some people will also respect you but avoid quarrels. Keep anise at bedside, recite Ganesh Chalisa. Recite Hanuamn Chalisa and light ghee Deepak in Mandir.

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Moon changes sign every 2.25 days, hence the prediction is being done accordingly as per the sign

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