NLC CMD praises the National Mineral Exploration Policy

S.K.Acharya CMD _indianbureaucracy
S.K.Acharya CMD _indianbureaucracy

 In a Statement,  Shri. S.K.Acharya, CMD,NLC  and also the Co-Chairman of the National committee on formulating star rating for the Indian Mines, constituted by Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) observed this while commenting on the National Mineral Exploration Policy(NMEP) Approved by Union Cabinet on 29.06.2016. He further observed that Union Cabinet’s approving the National Mineral Exploration Policy (NMEP) for Non fuel & Non Coal Minerals is bold and a welcome step. This policy is   poised to bring in the world class practices adopted in exploration of minerals. It  throws open the Indian Mineral Sector to wider and competitive participation of exploration companies both in house &abroad –thus there by will pave way for bringing down the cost of exploration in the country. The policy would enable creating a comprehensive Geo-Scientific & Exploration   database comparable to world class standards, like in Australia

 While commenting about the successful implementation of NMEP, Shri.S.K.Acharya observed that the following issues needed to be addressed.

            Union Govt. may create an institutional mechanism to co-ordinate the activities of the players like itself i.e   Govt., the exploration industry, research & academic bodies and financiers to make success in exploration

            Govt. may initiate & implement the changes in enabling frame work i.e legal ,regulatory, financial ,fiscal etc. required for obtaining best possible results in exploration

S.K.Acharya CMD _indianbureaucracy

Indian wishes S.K.Acharya the best

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