New Projects in SAI Centres under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Sports Authority of India
Sports Authority of India

The Budgetary requirements of Sports Authority of India (SAI), inclusive of the activities to be run under its 12 Regional Centres and the sub-centres there under, are considered as a whole and after examination of the consolidated proposal of SAI, the Government makes the budgetary allocation.

The details of budgetary allocation to SAI for last 3 years and the current year is given below:

(Rs. in Crore)

Financial Year Budget Allocated by Government
2016-17 438.20
2017-18 495.73
2018-19 395.00
2019-20 450.00


The requirements of SAI are met by way of block grants released by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to SAI. Thereafter SAI in turn takes care of the requirements of its various Centres considering their needs and requirements from time to time, which will vary depending on the sports activities being undertaken at such centres. The details of centre-wise expenditure of the twelve SAI Regional Centres and the SAI Headquarters at New Delhi are at Annexure – I.

The details of new infrastructure projects initiated/sanctioned on the basis of the proposals received from SAI centres during the last three years, year-wise and centre-wise are provided at Annexure – II.

This information was given by the Minister of State (I/C) Shri Kiren Rijiju in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha today.





Centre-wise expenditure incurred by various centres of Sports Authority of India (SAI)

(In Rs. Lakh)

Regional Centres of SAI
S.N. Year SAI (HQ), New Delhi Bhopal Sonipat Gandhinagar Kandivali Kolkata Bangalore Patiala Trivandrum Lucknow Chandigarh Imphal Guwahati
1 2016-17 20405.00 1330.00 2684.50 2309.00 609.50 3304.50 4050.50 3456.50 1641.00 1118.00 2379.50 875.50 710.00
2 2017-18 18981.00 1821.00 3218.00 2401.00 898.00 4442.00 4635.00 3650.00 3356.00 1664.00 2474.00 899.00 794.00
3 2018-19 13160.00 1745.00 2950.00 1945.00 1090.00 3850.00


3685.00 3785.00 2540.00 1455.00 2553.00 990.00 985.00

** For 2019-20, the SAI centre- wise details will get firmed up after passage of Demand for Grant 2019-20 in the current Parliament Session.

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