National Domestic coal prices drops by 17.54%, Non-Coking coal dips 25.07%

Ministry of Coal
Ministry of Coal

The National Coal Index (NCI), a key measure amalgamating coal prices from various channels like Notified Prices, Auction Prices, and Import Prices, witnessed a noticeable decline of 17.54% in November 2023, standing at 155.09 points compared to 188.08 points in the same month of the previous year. This drop signals a robust coal supply in the market, meeting the escalating demands.

Similarly, the Non-Coking Coal Index recorded 143.52 points in November 2023, witnessing a decline of 25.07% from November 2022. On the other hand, the Coking Coal Index reached 188.39 points in November 2023, marking a 5.79% increase from the corresponding period last year. The peak of NCI was observed in June 2022 at 238.83 points, but subsequent months witnessed a decline, indicating an ample coal supply in the Indian market.


The premium on coal auctions, a vital industry indicator, has sharply decreased, further affirming the abundant availability of coal. The Indian coal sector maintains a substantial stockpile, with coal companies boasting impressive reserves. This ample availability ensures a stable supply for various sectors reliant on coal, significantly contributing to the nation’s overall energy security.

The downward trend in the NCI points towards a more balanced market, aligning supply and demand. With ample coal availability, India can not only cater to the increasing demands but also support its long-term energy requirements. This fosters a resilient and sustainable coal industry, ensuring a prosperous future for the nation.

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