MoRTH | Status on migration of Diesel Vehicles

Ministry of Road Transport
Ministry of Road Transport

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari has informed that Government has notified GSR 167(E) dated 1st March, 2019 for retro-fitment of hybrid electric system or electric kit to vehicles and their compliance standards shall be as per AIS 123. This Ministry has issued a notification G.S.R 1151(E) dated 29.11.2018 in which emission norms of agricultural tractors, power tillers, construction equipment vehicles and combined harvesters driven by dual fuel diesel with Compressed Natural Gas or Bio-Compressed Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas engines have been laid down.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has notified G.S.R. 889(E) dated 16th September, 2016, for use of Hydrogen as an automotive fuel in the country. The specifications for Hydrogen for Internal Combustion Engine have been specified in Annexure IV-W of the said notification. 18% blend of Hydrogen with CNG (HCNG) has been notified by this Ministry vide G.S.R. 585(E) dated 25th September, 2020. This Ministry vide G.S.R. 579(E) dated 23rd September, 2020 has notified safety norms regarding hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and its components.

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