Monthly Review of Accounts of GoI upto the month of Oct, 2020 for FY 2020-21


PIB News Update:The Monthly Account of the Union Government of India upto the month of October, 2020 has been consolidated and reports published. The highlights are given below:-

The Government of India has received ₹7,08,300 crore (31.54% of corresponding BE 2020-21 of Total Receipts) upto October, 2020 comprising ₹ 5,75,697 crore Tax Revenue (Net to Centre), ₹1,16,206 crore of Non Tax Revenue and ₹16,397 crore of Non Debt Capital Receipts. Non Debt Capital Receipts consists of Recovery of Loans (₹10,218 crore) and Disinvestment proceeds (₹6,179 crore)

₹2,97,174 crore has been transferred to State Governments as Devolution of Share of Taxes by Government of India upto this period which is ₹69,697 crore lower than the previous year.

Total Expenditure incurred by Government of India is ₹16,61,454 crore (54.61% of corresponding BE 2020-21), out of which ₹14,64,099 crore is on Revenue Account and ₹1,97,355 crore is on Capital Account. Out of the Total Revenue Expenditure, ₹3,33,456 crore is on account of Interest Payments and ₹1,85,400 crore is on account of Major Subsidies.


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