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Young Scientist Laboratorie
Young Scientist Laboratorie

PIB News Update: Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naik has informed that As per directives of Government of India, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has identified five niche technology areas and established the following Young Scientist Laboratories (YSLs) in year 2019:

•       Artificial Intelligence (DYSL-AI), Bengaluru

•       Quantum Technologies (DYSL-QT), Mumbai

•       Cognitive Technologies (DYSL-CT), Chennai

•       Asymmetric Technologies (DYSL-AT), Kolkata

•       Smart Materials (DYSL-SM), Hyderabad

The five labs were dedicated to the Nation by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 02 January, 2020.

The initial sanction of Rs five crore was accorded to each of these five DYSLs. The same to be augmented as per the lab requirements.

The five newly established labs have started functioning very recently.  However, as suggested by Hon’ble PM during dedication of five DYSLs to the Nation on 02 January, 2020, DRDO will identify more such niche technology areas and will set up YSLs if required.

DRDO is making all-out efforts towards indigenous R&D and technology capability building.  India is self-reliant today in technology areas pertaining to Missiles, Radars, Sonars and Electronic Warfare(EW) and all the requirements in these areas can be met based on indigenous technologies.  DRDO Synergies with Armed Forces, Industry & Academia for development of Technologies and systems based on National priorities. DRDO has also successfully developed major platforms like the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft; Main battle Tank Arjun; Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher System Pinaka; Akash Weapon System etc.  These systems after development are produced by Indian Industries for their induction by Armed Forces.

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