Maiden 360 Degree appraisal system in the Indian Navy

Indian Navy
Indian Navy

The Indian Navy has introduced a groundbreaking initiative known as the ‘360 Degree Appraisal Mechanism’ for promotion boards, recognizing the pivotal role of women and men in uniform in its ‘SHIPS FIRST’ approach. This initiative is designed to enhance professional and personal development by incorporating a comprehensive and inclusive Human Resource Management strategy.

Traditionally, the appraisal mechanism in the Indian Navy involved periodic Confidential Reports by senior officers, following a ‘Top-down’ approach. However, recognizing the limitations of this method in capturing a leader’s impact on subordinates, the Indian Navy has introduced the ‘360 Degree Appraisal Mechanism.’ This innovative approach involves large-scale surveys conducted among identified peers and subordinates for every officer considered for promotion.

The survey covers a wide spectrum of questions, evaluating aspects such as professional knowledge, leadership attributes, suitability in war or crisis scenarios, and potential for holding higher ranks. The collected inputs are quantified and subjected to independent analysis by a designated Board of Officers, headed by a Flag Officer. The feedback obtained from this process is then provided to the officers, facilitating behavioral changes and improvements based on the results.

This initiative aligns with best practices observed in various national and international learning organizations. The Indian Navy, by adopting such progressive measures, demonstrates its commitment to remaining a ‘Combat Ready, Credible, Cohesive, and Future Proof Force.’ The ‘360 Degree Appraisal Mechanism’ is a testament to the Navy’s dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and adaptability in its personnel.

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