Indo-US Collaboration on Defence Production Growing

Dr Harsh Vardhan ib
Dr Harsh Vardhan ib

Dr Harsh Vardhan Announces “Balashali” for Cutting Edge Tech Research Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Dr Harsh Vardhan has said that Indian companies’ collaboration with US defence production firms is growing thanks to the respect commanded by the technologies already developed in India’s scientific laboratories.Speaking to scientists at the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), a wing of the Centre of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Chandigarh today Dr Harsh Vardhan said, “The raising of the FDI cap to 49 percent has kick-started a lot of synergies. We already have proven strengths in many areas which are at the heart of the Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ dream.”

Later, speaking to reporters, the Minister said that CSIR-CSIO has a head-start by having already delivered in the complex, multi-disciplinary area of “Head Up Display” (HUD—a transparent display system which allows the viewing of data without requiring the viewer to look away from the main control –which is vital in combat aircraft.

“The Prime Minister is aware that we have arrived in the select club of HUD technology. I am glad to announce that CSIR-CSIO scientists are working on complex opto-mechatronic systems for advanced HUD and related sytems,” he said. Therefore, the Minister has coined a new name for the thrust – “Balashali” –to unite the scientists working in varied disciplines for the benefit of the Defence sector. “Next generation HUD will result in significant improvement in intensity, resolution, better focus, while simultaneously maintaining good image quality with budgetary constraints on weight, volume and foot print. This is exciting field where foreign collaboration possibilities are there,” he said.

During President Barak Obama’s recent visit, a Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI) was sharpened, he said.  “ Now it is time to flesh out DTTI by joint production ventures. HUD is one of the low hanging fruits.”, the Minister pointed out.

Simultaneously, the Minister emphasised the need for maintaining the human face of scientific research. Therefore, he also announced a programme entitled “Apang Mukt Bharat”.

He told reporters, “Being a doctor I cannot dilute the founding principle of scientific research, which is making human lives better. I have instructed the CSIR’s scientists to increase the focus on developing aids for the differently abled. We should strive to make assistive devices which are easily available and cheap.”

The Minister, who went around the facility, saw for himself the various practical-oriented courses in electronic, mechanical and instrumentation being imparted under the rubric of the “Skill Generation Movement” announced by the Prime Minister.

He interacted with representatives of industry. Those who attended included senior executives of Vaisheshika Devices, Ambala, Bharat Electronics Limited, Panchkula, and Allengers Medical Systems, Chandigarh –the R&D collaborators of CSIO. wishes the very best.

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