Indian Railways closes the year with record freight loading & earnings in the month of March 2021

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PIB News Update: Despite the Covid challenges, Indian Railways closed the year with record freight loading and earnings.

In the closing month of this fiscal year 2020-21, Indian Railways surpassed the last year’s loading that is 1224.45 compared to last year’s 1205.04 which shows the growth of 2%. Indian Railways earned 116634.9 from freight loading compared to last year’s earning 113477.9 which sees the growth of 3%.

In the month of March 2021, Indian Railways’ loading was 122.19 million tonnes which has seen the growth of 24% compared to last year’s loading for the same month that was 98.76. In this month, Indian Railways earned Rs. 12137.22 Crores from freight loading which is also 24% higher compared to last year’s earnings for the same month (Rs. 9806.09 crores).

On day to day basis, as on 31st March, 2021 (morning), the freight loading of Indian Railways was 3.24 million tonnes, which is 35% higher compare to last year’s loading for the same date (2.4 million tonnes). On this date, Indian Railways earned 364.92 crores which is also 53% higher compared to last year’s earnings for the same date (239.14 crores).

Despite the many challenges put in by Covid, Indian Railways continued to register a steady growth in its freight loading and earning.

Offering of concessions/discounts in Indian Railways are among the factors attributed to this achievement.

It may be noted that improvements in freight movements will be institutionalized and incorporated in the upcoming zero based time table.

Indian Railways turned this calamity into an opportunity to improve all round efficiencies and performances.


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