Hukmdev urges farmers to opt Modern Farming Techniques

In a bid to avert crop failure and enhance fertility of soil, BJP lawmaker Hukmdev Narayan Yadav urged the farmers to adopt the modern farming techniques, including agro-chemicals.
Highlighting the plight of farmers, Mr Yadav who is also Chairman, Standing Committee of Parliament on Agriculture told reporters, “Farmers are dying because of harmful pesticides and fertilizers used in farming that leads to crop failure and infertility of soil and to avoid such losses, modern technology should be used in farming such as agrochemicals.” “There’s an urgent need for concerted efforts to forge research and development led strategy to save the loss of crops due to pests, weeds and diseases,” the BJP leader said at a FICCI event, ‘6th national conference on Agrochemicals’. Mr Yadav also released a Knowledge Paper on the theme of the conference, prepared by FICCI in association with the Tata Strategic Management Group.

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