HAL Modernization

Modernisation the existing production facilities is a continuous process in HAL. Modernisation is taken up to enhance capability and capacity. This includes up gradation of technology through establishment of new processes, state of the art manufacturing and design facilities with an aim to increase productivity, efficiency and improve work conditions.

Some of the key facilities / technologies established in recent times are:

(i) 3D Printing technology.

(ii) Manned Chamber Welding.

(iii) Robotic Plasma Coating.

(iv) Robotic Micro Shot Peening.

(v) Non-Contact Laser Inspection Equipment.

In addition HAL is using latest Software for its production and design activities, which has helped in streamlining various processes, activities through better record keeping, standardisation of various applications, fast retrievals of data etc.

There is a proposal for ramping up of production of LCA from present installed capacity of eight to sixteen aircraft per annum.

An expenditure of Rs.1381.04 Crore has been proposed for this purpose with 50% funding by HAL 25% by IAF and 25% by Indian Navy.

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