Government empowers Army to procure weapons for short intense wars

empowers Army
empowers Army to procure weapons systems -indianbureaucracy

Government has empowered the Army to directly procure critical weapons systems and military platforms to maintain combat readiness for short duration intense wars.  Sources said, the Vice Chief of Army has been given the full financial powers to procure ammunition and has been empowered on a routine basis to review the optimum holding state and maintaining it on a recurring manner.

Sources said, the procedure will be part of revenue procurement of the Army for in-service equipment and weapons and it will not require to go through numerous procurement stages which often cause inordinate delays.

As part of the decision, the Army has been allowed to rocure 46 types of ammunition and spares for 10 different ypes of weapons systems. Another proposal to allow the Army to procure 20 types of armament and 6 types of mines is also under consideration.

The Army has been pressing the government for ensuring peedy procurement of key military platforms citing evolving ecurity challenges.

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