Electrified Network of Indian Railways extended to 83%

Improving sensor accuracy to prevent electrical grid overload
Improving sensor accuracy to prevent electrical grid overload-indian Bureaucracy

To reduce the Nation’s dependence on imported petroleum-based energy and to enhance the country’s energy security, with a vision of providing eco-friendly, faster and energy-efficient mode of transportation, Indian Railways is marching ahead towards 100% electrification of Broad Gauge tracks.

In this process, Electrification of 1,973 Route km (2,647 TKM) has been achieved during 2022-23, which is 41% higher as compared to corresponding period of  2021-22.

In addition, 1,161 & 296 km of electrification of double lines & sidings respectively have also been completed till date. Thus, total 4100 TKM have been electrified during 2022-23.

Major achievements during 2022-23 so far are as under:

  • Electrified Network of IR has been extended to 83%.
  • North Central Railway has been 100% electrified. Five zonal railways – ECOR, NCR, SER, WCR & ER have been 100%  electrified.
  • Uttarakhand State has been 100% electrified.
  • Last mile seamless connectivity on electric traction is now available from New Delhi to Kathgodam/Ramnagar.
  • With completion of Sikar-Churu section, alternate route connectivity of Churu (Shekhawati area-business and tourist hub) to Delhi via Jhunjhunu is made. Additionally an alternate route on electric traction between Jaipur to Amritsar/other part of  North India bypassing Delhi has been made possible.
  • Last mile seamless connectivity on electric traction is now available from Chennai to Kanniyakumari with electrification of Tiruchchirapalli-Manamadurai-Virudunagar section.
  • Last mile seamless connectivity on electric traction is now available for Karaikkal Port from rest part of India.
  • Seamless connectivity on electric traction is now available for Samakhiali from New Delhi after completion of Palanpur-Samakhiali route (247 RKM) electrification which is a main freight-intensive & DFC feeder route of IR.
  • With the commissioning of Dindigul-Palani section, the entire section from Dindigul- Palakkad section has been completed. It is a freight route and various other tourism destinations and pilgrimage centers are reachable from stations en-route. The natural beauty and cultural richness of Pollachi town attracts film industry. Abounding with scenic locations, Palani Temple being a world famous pilgrimage destination attracts appreciable quantum of devotees and thereby boosting passenger earnings seasonal. Traction change is avoided for all traffic between Dindigul and Palakkad saving considerable time and ensuring faster transportation.
  • With the commissioning of Kalikiri-Tummanamgutta section the entire section from Dharamavaram-Pakala is electrified.  All mail express trains to Tirupati (The city is home to the important Hindu shrine of Tirumala Venkateswara temple and other historic temples and is referred to as “Spiritual Capital of Andhra Pradesh”) via Dharmavaram-Pakala has been switched to electric traction.
  • With the commissioning of Sihor-Bhavnagar section, Termuinus Vartej Railway Goods siding connected with all major railway stations seamlessly on electric traction. No ltraction change required at Sabarmati. Bhavnagar Terminus which is a major commercial city of Gujarat has been connected seamlessly on electric traction, no tracction change is now required at Ahmedabad thereby improving mobility.
  • With the commissioning of Wankaner-Maliya Miyana section, seamless connectivity on electric traction to 03 major loading points of Western Railway i.e. Morbi, Lavanpur & Vavaniya, has been obtained.  Additionally, last mile seamless connectivity on electric traction is now available for Navlakhi Port from rest part of India.
  • With the commissioning of Karaikkudi-Manamadurai Section, a major freight route through Tiruchchirappalli-Karaikkudi- Manamadurai-Virudunagar section has been 100% electrified. Various tourist destinations are accessible from stations en-route and traction change has been eliminated. Manamadurai town is a commercial centre and has been a contributor to the freight earnings from this section.

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