CII Workshop on Cost Analysis & Strategic Decision


Cost control is one of the most widely used tool for planning and monitoring organizational activities, as well as to support future strategic decision. Importantly, cost analysis is inextricably linked with strategy formulation, the budgetary process and performance management. It is crucial to interpret how costs behave so that realistic budgets and plans can be produced, and appropriate financial and non-financial resources can be made available to the business. This programme will allow you to, which reflect and respond to the current complex business environment.

To familiarize the managers with the various approaches that will help them to make strategic decisions & explore the traditional tools of cost analysis and control as well as new advanced approaches, CII Pune is organizing a Workshop on Cost Analysis & Strategic Decision. The details of the session are as follows:

Time: Registration @ 0900 hrs, Programme Timing : 0930 – 1700 hrs

Day & Date: Tuesday, 19 March 2019     Venue: Hotel Crown Plaza, CTS No. 37 & 37, 1, Bund Garden Rd, Next to Jehangir Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

Objectives : 

  • Develop understanding of various costing systems for different strategic decision situations.
  • Provide an overview on simplified methods for departmental performance evaluation and budgeting.
  • Provide tools for competitive analysis, strategic planning and tracking performance.

Content :

  • Throughput Accounting
  • Revenue Management

Key Learnings

  • How to measure cost for improvement and integrate it with the budgeting
  • Measure the Actual cost of service or product and compare it with its should-cost
  • Analyze the performance their departments from a financial perspective,
  • Use the cost information for Scenario Analysis (What-if Analysis)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how resources are allocated throughout an organization;
  • Understand how to leverage cost analysis for Product/Service Pricing and Strategic Decisions

Target Audience – What they can look for

  • Procurement – Understand the Total Cost and to estimate cost of products procured
  • Finance – Cost Analysis and Profit Planning
  • Operation – Internal benchmarking of process based cost and continuous improvement
  • Marketing – Customer/Market Profitability and insights for Strategic Planning
  • Senior Management – Cost Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning

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