CEPI Chandrapur Moratorium lifted

Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate -indianburaucracy
Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate -indianburaucracy

The Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change vide Office Memorandum dated 20.05.2016 has lifted moratorium under the Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index (CEPI) in respect of the industrial cluster/area of Chandrapur (MIDC Chandrapur, Tadali, Ghuggus, Ballapur), Maharashtra. This will enable new investments in the region, which was stalled for last more than 5 years.

The Ministry had imposed moratorium  in 43 CEPI areas on 13.01.2010.

The CPCB conducted monitoring in Critically Polluted Areas (CPA) of Chandrapur, Maharashtra during February – March, 2016 and re-assessed the CEPI score. The CPCB, vide its communication, dated April 18, 2016 informed MoEFCC about the revised CEPI score based on the monitoring conducted during February-March 2016.

The evaluation of the CEPI score in the Chandrapur (Maharashtra) is 54.42, as compared to the CEPI score assessed by CPCB in 2013 (81.90). It has also been intimated that the action plan formulated for Chandrapur is at various stages of implementation.

In view of the re-assessment of CEPI score and taking into consideration that action plans for improving environment quality take time to yield results, it has been decided to lift the moratorium on the consideration of projects for environmental clearance in respect of projects to be located in Chandrapur (Maharashtra), where CEPI score is below 70 as compared to the CEPI score of 2013 (81.93),

subject to the following conditions:

  • CPCB and the SPCB will immediately put the approved action plan on their website along with implementation status.
  • The SPCB to ensure that any new project/activity or any expansion or modernization of existing project or activity or any change in product mix is in line with the overall approved action plan of the CPA.
  • The implementation of action plan of CPA to be reviewed by the Chairman, SPCB on quarterly basis and report sent to CPCB by the 7th day of the month succeeding the end of quarter. It would be ensured that there is no slippage either in terms of time frame or the activities to be completed relating to the action plan.
  • Monitoring in CPA be got done by SPCB through a third party on annual basis for computing CEPI. The monitoring be done during December-February and the report sent to CPCB by April. CPCB, in turn, to submit its report to MoEFCC.
  • Monitoring in CPA be got done by CPCB through a third party on biennial basis for computing CEPI and report submitted to MoEF for taking an appropriate view.
  • The EAC/SEAC will take extra precaution during appraisal of projects to be located in these areas and prescribe the requisite stringent safeguard measures, so that the environmental quality is not deteriorated further in the CPA.

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