Ceasefire Violations by Pakistani Troops


Details of ceasefire violations along Indo-Pakistan border in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) are given below:

Month Along Line of Control (LC) and International Border (IB) under operational control of Army


Along IB under operational control of BSF
March, 2016 01 Nil
April, 2016 01 02
May, 2016 02 Nil
June, 2016 10 Nil
   Total: 14 02

Appropriate retaliation to the ceasefire violations, as required, has been carried out by Indian Army / BSF.  In addition, all violations of ceasefire are taken up with Pakistan authorities at the appropriate level through the established mechanism of hotlines, flag meetings as well as weekly talks between the Directorate Generals of Military Operations of the two countries.  BSF, too, holds talks at various levels with its counterpart viz. Pakistan Rangers.

Diplomatically, India has repeatedly emphasised, including at the highest level, the need for Pakistan to uphold the sanctity of the Line of Control (LC) and the International Border in Jammu & Kashmir as its obligations emanating from the Simla Agreement and the Lahore Declaration.

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