C-DAC announces Tech Conclave 2019


Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC ) will host two days Technology Conclave on April 4 and 5 at Pune in the emerging areas of Advanced Computing with major thrust on Exascale Computing , Microprocessor and Quantum Computing , AI & Language Computing, IoE and Dependable and Secure Computing and Next Generation Applied Computing.

“C-DAC  with its focus in Advanced Computing is uniquely positioned to establish a dependable and secure Exascale Ecosystem offering services in various domains. As our nation embarks upon its most revolutionary phase of Digital Transformation, C-DAC  has committed itself to explore and engage in the avant-garde visionary areas excelling beyond in the present areas of research transforming human lives through technological advancement”, said Dr Hemant Darbari, Director General.

Eminent experts of international repute from MeitY, Niti Ayog, C-DAC, DRDO, IISc, IIT, AIIMS, research labs and industry like FICCI, Intel, Nvidia, Atos, Mellanox, NetApp, DDN will deliberate on the focussed research areas and provide deep insights through their synergetic ideas. Association with the industries and start-ups through collaborative innovation model is targeted for carving out implementable development solution strategies for India’s specific problems. Demonstration of technologies and applications will be showcased at exhibits. C-DAC  as one of the implementing agencies of the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) is involved in developing indigenous HPC technologies, products and solutions, Application development, R&D, Human Resource Development leading to self-reliance in the long run.

On the Exascale application front, C-DAC  is engaged in multiple scientific and engineering domains like Weather Prediction, Computational Biology, Molecular Dynamics, Aerospace Engineering, Seismic Analysis, Nano Science, Astrophysics, Financial Simulations, Big Data Analytics to name a few. Key elements of Exascale Computing include HPC Systems Design, HPC interconnect & network design, HPC System Software & Middleware, devising special purpose computing and addressing challenges pertaining to power consumption and reliability. C-DAC  is executing the microprocessor development programme with 64-bit quad core out of order processor operating at 2.0GHz as the target specification with the aim to create a fully indigenous microprocessor, along with full ecosystem. C-DAC  with its expertise in designing is implementing a series of microprocessors, ecosystem and the associated IP along with the SoCs targeting various application domains. C-DAC  shall also set up a dedicated resource centre making available full ecosystem to the product designer community and academic institutions. C-DAC  is focusing its efforts towards the development of a range of processors for varied use cases such as ILP Class for image processing, I-Class for smart energy meters, R-Class for AI/ML, A-Class for a secure router, M-Class for strategic applications and HP-Class for high performance applications. Quantum Computing  is gaining traction and advancements in materials science and computer science is enabling the same towards reality.

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