BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry organised Webinar and panel discussion on Exploring Opportunities in the Digital Health Market

BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry organised
BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry organised

The BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry in association with mfine and dozee organised Webinar and panel discussion on Exploring Opportunities in the Digital Health Market. The main aim and agenda of  BRICS CCI to organized this webinar to highlight the importance and opportunity in Digital health care sector in India .

India is among the few countries that have emerged as one of the fastest-growing digital economies over the past few years, characterized by 90% growth in terms of digital adoption index between 2014 and 2017.   With increasing importance of digital health and technology, we can see a growth in capital investments. In the first quarter of 2020, the healthcare sector witnessed a 50% increase in terms of volume (21 deals versus 14 deals in 2019) and 14% in terms of value (US$ 452 million versus US$ 398 million in the first quarter of 2019). The Indian healthcare sector has adopted digital transformation to improve quality and accessibility. Building healthcare infrastructure in the country is need of the hour and technological advancements and digitalization will contribute significantly in growth and development of healthcare industry in India.

The virtual panel discussion of webinar was held in two parts:

Topics of Panel-1 was  Innovation, Cognitive computing and the essence of Artificial intelligence in digital healthcare in 21st century and the key speakers were  Mudit Dandwate- CEO & Cofounder, Dozee; Adarsh Natarajan- CEO & Founder at AIndra Systems; Rajesh Thangavel– Co-Founder, Aerobiosys Innovation Private limited, Daniel M. Bashmakov (PhD)- CEO, AMULET.While  topic of panel- 2 was Instituting essential foundations for change in Digital Health and the importance of safe and inclusive services  and key speakers were Geeta Majunath– CEO & Co-Founder, Niramai; Dr. Pankaj Gupta– Head, Access Digital; Vishal Gondal– Founder & CEO at GOQii; N S Viswanathan, Chief Financial Officer of MFine; Nikolay Lipin, CEO, SimplyCeph

The first session was inaugurated with the welcome address of Mr. Vishwas Tripathi ( Chairman, BRICS CCI)   who said, “India is among the few countries that have emerged as one of the fastest-growing digital economies over the past few years. With the development of information technology culminating to a phase where such innovative procedures are steadily gaining acceptance. Healthcare technology is pushing boundaries, broadening its scope every day. Digital Health has the potential to revolutionize how populations interact with national health services and also strengthen the country’s health care systems.”

Highlighting the role of new technology, Mudit Dandwate (CEO & Co-founder, Dozee) said, “ Healthcare has two facets, one is mundane and one is humane. Mundane one has to be taken up by AI to bridge the infrastructural gap in our system and that is what Dozee does. It contributes to saving lives in a timely manner and compliments the kind of support required by our medical fraternity in such difficult times.”

Dozee is India’s First Contactless Remote Health Monitoring Startup that tracks heart health, respiration, sleep quality and stress levels with 98.4% accuracy as compared to medical devices. This session was moderated by Bibin Babu (Co-Founder, Innowork and Payiza)

NS Viswanathan (CFO- Mfine
NS Viswanathan (CFO- Mfine

 In the second session, NS Viswanathan (CFO- Mfine) said, “The two pillars of a strong digital healthcare infrastructure are accessibility and availability. Mfine is working towards providing doctors in remote clinics with network access so that more and more people in these areas are able to avail digital services including consultations. With this pilot project we aim to reach the remote villages in every corner of the country”Founded in 2017, MFine is focussed on delivering an AI-driven, on-demand healthcare service across India, and aims to be one of the largest virtual hospitals in the world with services across primary care, secondary care and chronic care management in collaboration with its trusted partners. This session was moderated by Ankit Jhamb (Senior Associate Director, Capability Development, KPMG)

“India’s National Digital Health Mission that was launched by our Hon’ble PM last year is a case in point for a stark shift in our economy’s focus towards building a strong and affordable universal healthcare infrastructure. Technology will play a dominant role in ensuring a safe and smooth healthcare related technology transformation. This year’s BRICS Summit could bring great benefits to this sector as the five economies can cooperate to build upon the open fissures in our existing structures. We encourage the prominent digital health companies to come forward and work with partners globally to bring a visible change. I on behalf of, BRICS CCI would like to thank everyone for participating in the session and hope that the session will contribute in development of digital health market and encourage talented minds to conquer the opportunities and gather a deeper perspective on the practices and possibilities of digital health market.”,  said Dr. BBL Madhukar ( DirectorGeneral, BRICS CCI and Chairman, FORE School of Management) in the closing remarks.

Chairman, BRICS CCI
Chairman, BRICS CCI

Mr.Sameep Shastri (Vice- Chairman, BRICS CCI) stated that, “One of three pillars under this year’s BRICS Summit is a focus on digital health and traditional medicine as per the pillar of economic and financial cooperation. India is now embarking on a futuristic journey to strengthen its healthcare sector. The rise of digital technology is pushing India to achieve health for all, putting the country at the forefront for foreign investment. With these opportunities, India is emerging as the global leader in digital health.”The highly significant panel discussion was attended by an audience comprising global digi- health experts, Russian and Indian companies, members and civil society members.

India assumed Chairship for the 13th BRICS Summit in 2021. Celebrating its 15 year anniversary, the BRICS Summit theme this year is ‘BRICS @ 15: Intra-BRICS Cooperation for Continuity, Consolidation and Consensus’. As our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi have rightly said that, “BRICS acts as a vital pillar of hope for this world full of political challenges, safety related challenges and economic challenges.” Taking the vision forward, BRICS CCI is actively engaged in organizing year-long events to add value to the spirit of this year’s summit.

ABOUT BRICS CCI : The BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 2012 with the efforts of eminent professionals, entrepreneurs, industrialists, bureaucrats, from BRICS and beyond having its headquarters in New Delhi, India and country offices in Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa. In nearly a decade old journey of the chamber it has promoted Business Houses for trade and commerce from all BRICS nations and neighbouring countries.

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