4 new police stations to be built in Lucknow

police stations-indianbureaucracy
police stations-indianbureaucracy

According to reports, there will be new police stations opened in Sushant Golf City, Gomti Nagar Vistar, Rahimabad and Dubagga areas in Lucknow, taking the total number of stations in the city to 47.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Lucknow (Range) Praveen Kumar has also sent a proposal for establishing 21 new police stations in the Range to the State Government – Ramapur, Sundar Bal, Baankeganj and Khamariya in Lakhimpur, Railwayganj, Sawaayajpur, Kursath and Jahaanikheda in Hardoi, Sadar Bazaar, Neemsaar, Bhadfar and Rampur Mathura in Sitapur, and Badarka, Gulriha, Dahi and Sadar in Unnao.

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