39 IPS Transferred in MP in a major reshuffle

39 IPS Transfer in MP Police
39 IPS Transfer in MP Police

39 IPS Reshuffle in MPIndian Bureaucracy News Recap | The Madhya Pradesh Govt has shifted 39 Indian Police Service Officers across the state with Anil Maheshwari IPS ( 2003) currently  DIG- PHQ Bhopal posted as DIG Chhindwara Range Chhindwara,  Sanjay Tiwari IPS ( 2004) currently  DIG- PHQ Bhopal posted as DIG- Bhopal Rural,  Dr Ashish IPS ( 2005) currently  DIG- Bhopal Rural posted as DIG- Intelligence PHQ Bhopal,  Mithlesh Kumar Shukla IPS ( 2006) currently  DIG- Chhindwara Range Chhindwara posted as DIG- Training PHQ Bhopal while Sachin Kumar Atulkar IPS ( 2007) currently  Assistant IG- PHQ Bhopal is now posted as Commandant- 7th BN SAF Bhopal.

Krishnaveni Desavatu IPS ( 2007) currently  SP- Dewas District posted as SP-PTS Ujjain,  Mukesh Kumar Shrivastava IPS ( 2009) currently  SP- Niwari District posted as SP-Bhopal North  Police,  Sunil Kumar Pandey IPS ( 2009) currently  SP- Khargone  posted as Assistant IG- PHQ Bhopal  ,  Avdhesh Goswami IPS ( 2009) currently  SP- PTC Indore  posted as SP-Tikamgarh   ,  Mangilal Solanki IPS ( 2009) currently  SP- Dindori District posted as SP-Anuppur  ,  Amit Sanghi IPS ( 2009) currently  SP- Sagar  District posted as SP-Rewa,  Tushar Kant Vidyarthi IPS ( 2009) currently  SP- Singrauli Districtposted as Assistant IG- PHQ Bhopal while  Birendra Kumar Singh IPS ( 2009) currently  SP-PTS Ujjain is now posted as SP-Singrauli.

Prashant Khare IPS ( 2009) currently  Assistant IG PHQ Bhopal posted as SP-Sagar  ,  Atul Singh IPS ( 2009) currently  Assistant IG -PHQ Bhopal posted as SP-Shahdol,  Abid Khan IPS ( 2010) currently  SP- Rewa District posted as Assistant IG PHQ Bhopal,  Ashutosh Pratap Singh IPS ( 2010) currently  Assistant IG SAF PHQ Bhopal posted as Director- Public Directorate, Bhopal,  Mohd  Yusuf Qureshi IPS ( 2010) currently  SP- Indore East posted as Commandant -2nd Bt SAF Gwalior ,  Nimish Agrawal IPS ( 2010) currently  Commandant -10th Bn SAF  Sagar  posted as SP-Barwani ,  Dharmendra Singh Bhadoria IPS ( 2010) currently  SP-Betul  posted as Assistant IG- PHQ Bhopal,  Vijay Kumar Khatri IPS ( 2010) currently  Assistant IG PHQ Bhopalposted as SP-Indore East, Indore while  Vineet Kumar Jain IPS ( 2010) currently  SP- Jhabua posted as Commandant -5th BN SAF Morena .

Rahul Kumar Lodha IPS ( 2011) currently  Commandant- Hawk Force PHQ Bhopal  posted as SP-Burhanpur , Simala Prasad IPS ( 2011) currently  Commandant- 23rd BN SAF Bhopal posted as SP-Betul ,  Asit Yadav IPS ( 2011) currently  SP- Morena District posted as Commandant- 23rd BN SAF Bhopal,  Shiv Dayal IPS ( 2012) currently  Commandant- 7th BN SAF Bhopal  posted as SP-Dewas District ,  Shailendra Chouhan IPS ( 2012) currently  SP- Bhopal North posted as SP-Khargone District ,  Pankaj Kumawat IPS ( 2013) currently  Commandant- 2nd BN SAF Gwalior posted as SP-Sidhi District , Ajay Singh IPS ( 2013) currently  SP-Rail Indore  posted as SP-Narsinghpur District,  Pradeep Sharma IPS ( 2014) currently  SP-Rajgarh District posted as Commandant- 10th BN SAF Sagar while  Gurukaran Singh IPS ( 2014) currently   SP-Narsinghpuras District posted as SP-Cyber Bhopal.

Vikas Kumar Shahwal IPS ( 2014) currently  SP-Cyber Bhopal posted as SP-Rajgarh ,  Anurag Sujania IPS ( 2014) currently  SP-Tikamgarh posted as SP-Morena District ,   Vahni Singh IPS ( 2014) currently  Commandant- 5th BN SAF Morena posted as SP-Niwari District ,  Ashutosh IPS ( 2014) currently ADC to Governor Bhopal posted as SP-Jhabua District ,  Akhil Patel IPS ( 2015) currently  Commandant- 25th BN SAF Bhopal posted as ADC to Governor ,  B S Birade IPS ( 1995) currently  SP-Burhanpur District  posted as Assistant IG- PHQ Bhopal,  R S Belvanshi IPS ( 1995) currently  SP- Sidhi District posted as Assistant IG-  PHQ Bhopal while Kiran Lata Kirkatta IPS ( 1995) currently  SP-Anuppur District now posted as SP-Rail Indore .

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