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Anil Kumar appointed DIG | Narcotics, Indore

mp police

Shri Anil Kumar IPS (Madhya Pradesh 1993 ) presently IG, Gwalior Range, Gwalior  has been appointed as Incharge DIG, Narcotics Indore.

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Deepak Verma appointed DIG | SAF Central Range, Bhopal

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Shri Deepak Verma IPS (Madhya Pradesh 2004 ) presently Commandant 25th BN Bhopal  has been appointed as Incharge DIG, SAF, Central range, Bhopal.

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Pritam Singh Uikey appointed DIG | Crime Against Women, Jabalpur

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Shri Pritam Singh Uikey IPS (Madhya Pradesh ) presently Commandant, 8″th BN Chhindwara has been appointed as  Incharge DIG, Crime Against Women, Jabalpur

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B P Chandrawanshi appointed DIG | SAF, Jabalpur

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Shri B P Chandrawanshi IPS (Madhya Pradesh ) presently Commandant 32, Bn. Ujjain has been appointed as Incharge DIG, SAF, Jabalpur

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Lalit Kumar appointed Secretary | HAFED

Lalit Kumar HCS

Shri Lalit Kumar HCS (Haryana 2000 ) presently posted as Secretary RTA Panchkula has been appointed as Secretary HAFED vice Shri Kamlesh Kumar Bhadoo HCS. 

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D S Choudhary appointed DIG | Ratlam Range

D S Choudhary IPS

Shri D S Choudhary IPS (Madhya Pradesh ) presently SP Vidisha has been appointed as  Incharge DIG, Ratlam Range.

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Rakesh Kumar Jain appointed DIG | Sagar

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Shri Rakesh Kumar Jain IPS (Madhya Pradesh 2004 ) presently SP, Betul has been appointed as  Incharge DIG, Sagar.

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Subhita Dhaka appointed SDO cum Additional Collector | Gohana

Subhita Dhaka HCS

Ms Subhita Dhaka HCS (Haryana 2004 ) presently posted as MD- Co-operative Sugar Mills, Sonepat has been appointed as SDO (Civil) cum Additional Collector, Gohana vice Shri Ajay Kumar IAS (Haryana 2013). 

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Sanjay Kumar appointed DIG | Gwalior

Sanjay Kumar IPS

Shri Sanjay Kumar IPS (Madhya Pradesh 2004) presently SP, Rewa has been appointed as  Incharge DIG, Gwalior

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After watching disturbing video, CPAP usage soars

After watching

Summary:More than 20 million Americans are diagnosed with sleep apnea, yet more than half of those prescribed a CPAP mask to keep their airways open at night don’t use it. So, researchers conducted a study where researchers recorded the patients sleeping without the CPAP mask and those who watched the video were more likely to wear it in the end.

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Irshad Wali appointed DIG | Balaghat

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Shri Irshad Wali IPS (Madhya Pradesh 2004) presently SP, Datia has been appointed as  Incharge DIG, Balaghat.

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