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New discovery holds potential for tuberculosis treatment

tuberculosis treatment

Summary:A recent discovery could lead to a new, effective treatment for persistent tuberculosis infections, report scientists.

A recent discovery by Cornell University researchers could lead to a new, effective treatment for persistent tuberculosis infections.

Brian VanderVen, assistant professor of microbiology and immunology, along with colleagues

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A K Meena appointed Commissioner | Municipal Corporation, Panchkula

Ashok Kuamr Meena IAS

Shri Ashok Kumar Meena IAS (Haryana 2006) presently Director-cum-Special Secretary, Development & Panchayats and Rural Development Departments has been appointed as Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Panchkula.

IndianBureaucracy.com wishes Shri Ashok Meena the very best.

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Chander Shekhar appointed Special Secretary | Forest Department

Chander Shekhar IAS

Shri Chander Shekhar IAS (Haryana 2005) presently Director, Consolidation of Holdings and Land Records, Haryana has been appointed  as Special Secretary, Forest Department.

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Priyanka Soni appointed Commissioner | Municipal Corporations, Karnal

Priyanka Soni IAS

Ms Priyanka Soni IAS ( Haryana 2012) presently ADC-cum-CEO, DRDA, Karnal has been appointed as Commissioner, MC, Karnal vice Shri Aditya Dahiya IAS (HY 2011).

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Sanjeev Verma appointed Director | Food and Supplies

Sanjeev Verma IAS

Shri Sanjeev Verma IAS (Haryana 2005 )presently Director-cum-Special Secretary, Social Justice & Empowerment Department has been appointed as Director, Food and Supplies, Haryana .

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Sanjay Joon appointed Director | Mines and Geology, Haryana

Sanjay Joon IAS

Shri Sanjay Joon IAS (Haryana 2005) presently Deputy Commissioner,  Kaithal has been appointed as  Director, Mines and Geology, Haryana vice Shri Ashok Sangwan IAS (HY 2003).

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J Ganesan appointed Chief Administrator | HUDA

J Ganesan IAS

Shri J Ganesan IAS (Haryana 2006) presently Chief Administrator, Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board (HSAMB) has been appointed as Chief Administrator, Haryana Development Authority (HUDA) vice Shri Vikas Gupta IAS  (Haryana 2001).

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Vikas Gupta appointed Transport Commissioner | Haryana

Vikas Gupta IAS

Shri Vikas Gupta IAS  (Haryana 2001) presently The Chief Administrator, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has been appointed as Transport Commissioner vice Ms. Suprabha Dahiya IAS (Haryana 1994).

IndianBureaucracy.com wishes Shri Vikas Gupta the very best.

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Mandip Singh Brar appointed Chief Administrator | HSAMB

Mandip Singh Brar IAS

Shri Mandip Singh Brar IAS (Haryana 2005) presently Deputy Commissioner, Karnal has been appointed as Chief Administrator, Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board (HSAMB) vice Shri J Ganesan IAS (Haryana 2006).

IndianBureaucracy.com wishes Shri Mandeep Singh Brar the very best.

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Aditya Dahiya appointed Deputy Commissioner, Karnal

Aditya Dahiya IAS

Shri  Aditya Dahiya IAS (Haryana 2011) presently Commissioner at Municipal Corporation , Karnal has been appointed as Deputy Commissioner, Karnal vice Shri Mandeep Singh Brar IAS(Haryana 2006 ).

IndianBureaucracy.com wishes Shri  Aditya Dahiya the very best.

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How universities are fostering innovation and entrepreneurship

Summary:Technology and Innovation 19.1 zeroes in on innovation and entrepreneurship, with a special focus on what universities are currently doing to foster growth in those areas both for their success and the success of the communities and regions to which they are connected. Novel educational programs, innovation-driving business accelerators, and… Read More