113 IRS(IT) officers promoted to grade of Commissioner of Income Tax


As many as 113 IRS(IT) officers have been promoted to the grade of Commissioner of Income Tax. The officers are:

  1. Avinash Kumar posted as CIT(A), Kurnool;
  2. Sanjay Gupta posted as CIT(OSD)(Vigilance), CBDT in Delhi;
  3. Ajay K R Sharma posted as CIT(int Tax)-3, Mumbai;
  4. Neeraj Singh posted as CIT(audit)-1, Mumbai;
  5. Sameer Sharma posted as CIT(TDS), Vijayawada;
  6. Anshu Prakash posted as CIT(TDS), Ahmedabad;
  7. S. Umavenkatesan posted as CIT(DRP)-2, Bangalore 1, Bangalore;
  8. T. Diwakar Prasad posted as CIT(A), Bhagalpur;
  9. T. Vasanthan posted as CIT(A), Hazaribad;
  10. Sushil KUmar Poddar posted as DIT(Inci), Ahmedabad;
  11. Shivani Singh posted as ADG(Sys)-5, CBDT, Delhi;
  12. Ramakant Garg posted as CIT(A), Jalpaiguri;
  13. Rajendra Kumar posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Hyderabad;
  14. Sheela Chopra posted as CIT(A)-1, Lucknow;
  15. G. Gaichanglungliu. Kamei posted as CIT(A)-1, Guwahati;
  16. Jitendra Kumar posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT), Rajkot;
  17. Ramesh Chnadra Danday posted as CIT(A)-8, Ahmedabad;
  18. Kaur Chand Badhok posted as CIT(A)-1, Jodhpur;
  19. Deepak P. Ripote posted as CIT(exemption), Hyderabad;
  20. K. Ravi Ramachandran posted as CIT(TDS), Chennai;
  21. A N N L. Kapthuma posted as CIT(A)-7, Chennai;
  22. Mahuva Sarkar posted as CIT(A)-1, Nagpur;
  23. Peeyush Sonkar posted as CIT(TDS), Hyderbad;
  24. Devi Sharan Singh posted as CIT(A)-9, Kolkata;
  25. Ashok Kumar Kardam posted as CIT(A)-9, Hyderabad;
  26. Rajneesh Kumar Arvind posted as CIT(A), Rajamundri;
  27. B. Kishore posted as CIT(A)-12, Pune;
  28. R. Mohan Madhvi posted as CIT(A)-2, Guntur;
  29. Narendra SIngh Jangpangi posted as CIT(A)-19, Mumbai;
  30. Z. David posted as CIT(A), Hubli;
  31. Suzzain D. George posted as CIT, Bengaluru;
  32. Vivek Nangia posted as CIT(A), Kozhikode;
  33. Sameer Kumar Srivastava posted as CIT(A)-7, Delhi;
  34. Paresh Jauhri posted as CIT(TDS)-1, Chandigarh;
  35. Bhaskar Goswami posted as CIT(A), Dehradun;
  36. G. S. S. S. Gopinath posted as CIT(A), Kottayam;
  37. Manish Mishra posted as CIT(TDS), Kanpur;
  38. Purshottam Kashyap posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Mumbai;
  39. Rajeev Ranka posted as CIT(A)-5, Hyderabad;
  40. Madhukar Kumar Bhagat posted as ADG(Sys)-1, CBDT, Delhi;
  41. Rajaram Sah posted as CIT(A)-9, Delhi;
  42. C. Tripur Sundari posted as CIT(A)-10, Chennai;
  43. K. Madhusudan popsted as CIT(A)-13, Mumbai;
  44. V. Sreekar posted as CIT(A)-2, Mumbai;
  45. K. E. Sunil Babu posted as CIT(A), Dhanbad;
  46. Sandeep bandhu posted as DIT(Inci), Nagpur;
  47. Deepak Kumar Sutaria posted as CIT(A), Jamshedpur;
  48. L. Ramaji Rao Pantulu posted as CIT(A)-18, Mumbai;
  49. Kalpana Kataria posted as ADG(RTI), Delhi;
  50. S. Ravichandra posted as Secretary AAR, Mumbai;
  51. Arun Kumar DIT(Inci) Bengaluru;
  52. B. Srinivas posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT)-9, Mumbai;
  53. Deba Kumar Sonowal posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT), Vishakhapatnam;
  54. Thaggoulein Aipgen posted as CIT(A)-36, Mumbai;
  55. Kesang Yangzom Sherpa posted as CIT(A)-4, Pune;
  56. Sanjay I. Bara posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT)(TP)-9, Delhi;
  57. B. Rajaram posted as ADG(RTI), Patna;
  58. Saad Kidwai posted as CIT(A), Cuttack;
  59. Maya Maheshwari posted as CIT(A)-2, Nagpur;
  60. Garima Jain posted as DIT(Inci), Lucknow;
  61. Manwendra Goel posted as CIT-1, Tiruchirappanlli;
  62. Tushar Dhawal Singh posted as CIT(A)-11, KOlkata;
  63. C. Srinivas Reddy, CIT(A)-10, Hyderabad;
  64. Dr. Abani Kantanayak posted as CIT(A)-14, Kolkata;
  65. Monica khare posted as CIT(judicial), Ahmedabad;
  66. Renu Amitabh posted as CIT(A), Rohtak;
  67. Ajay CHnadra posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Jaipur;
  68. Divya Mishra Bajpayee posted as CIT(A)-11, Pune;
  69. Sukesh Kumar Jain posted as CIT(A)-1, Bhopal;
  70. Parvinder Kaur posted as CIT(A)-4, Ludhiana;
  71. Tarun Seem posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Lucknow;
  72. Rita Kumari Dukania posted as CIT(A)-13, Ahmedabad;
  73. Gangadhar Panda posted as CIT(A)-1, Mumbai;
  74. Ram Mohan Singh posted as CIT(A)-2, Chandigarh;
  75. Kunal Singh posted as ADG(O & MS), CBDT, Delhi;
  76. Surbhi Varma Garg posted as ADG(expenditure budget), CBDT, Delhi;
  77. Sunam Sharma posted as CIT(TP)-1, Delhi;
  78. S. Balasubramanian posted as CIT(A)-3, Delhi;
  79. Gopal Krushna Dhall posted as CIT(DR)ITAT(IT)-8, Delhi;
  80. Nikhil Choudhary posted as DIT(Inci), Mumbai;
  81. Chintla Sundara Rao posted as CIT(DR)ITAT-1, Bengaluru;
  82. T. H. Vijayalakshmi posted as CIT(Audit), Hyderabad;
  83. B. China Swami Nayak posted as CIT(A)-1, Guntur;
  84. Hari Shankar Kumar Lal posted as CIT(Exemption), Patna;
  85. Samar Bhadra posted as CIT(OSD)(ITA), CBDT, Delhi;
  86. Yagysaini Kakkarposted as ADG(Recovery), CBDT, Delhi;
  87. Rahul Navin posted as ADG(Vigilance), North, CBDT, Delhi;
  88. Deepak Sehgal posted as CIT(Audit)-1, Delhi;
  89. Anupama Ananad posted as CIT(IT)-3, Delhi;
  90. Vanita Rattan Sharma posted as CIT(TDS)-2, Delhi;
  91. Anurag Prasad posted as Secretary, ITSC, Delhi;
  92. Sandeep Jain posted as CIT(Exemption), Delhi;
  93. Kanwal Jit Singh posted as DIT(Inv.) ITSC, AddL Bench 2, Delhi;
  94. Om Prakash Vaishnav posted as CIT(A)-11, Ahmedabad;
  95. Damodar Prasad Gupta posted as CIT(exemption), Ahmedabad;
  96. Mahesh Kumar Shah posted as CIT(IT & TP), Ahmedabad;
  97. Sanjay Aggrwal posted as CIT(Audit), Ahmedabad;
  98. Ajit Kumar Verma posted as CIT(Exemption), Bengaluru;
  99. Sibendu Mohrana posted as CIT(IT& TP), Hyderabad;
  100. Charanjit Singh Gulati posted as CIT(A)-4, Mumbai;
  101. Rahul Raman posted as CIT(A)-8, Mumbai;
  102. Rajesh Ranajn Prasad posted as DIT(Inv.)ITSC-1, Mumbai;
  103. Savitha Bundas posted as ADG(VIgilance)WZ, Mumbai;
  104. Satish Sharma posted as CIT(Exemption), MUmbai;
  105. Krishna Kumar Mishra posted as CIT(Admn & TPS), Pune;
  106. Adarsh Kumar Modi posted as CIT(TDS), Pune;
  107. S. Bharat osted as CIT(DR) ITAT-1, Chennai;
  108. R. Jayakumar posted as CIT(DR) ITSC, Chennai;
  109. G. M. Doss posted as CIT(Exemption), Chennai;
  110. Mortha Srinivasa Rao posted as CIT(DR)ITAT, Chennai;
  111. Manoj Kumar Gupta posted as CIT(TDS), Lucknow;
  112. Anand Rajeshwar Baiwar posted as CIT(exemption), Kolkata.

113 IRS IT officers have been promoted to the grade of Commissioner of Income Tax The officers

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