113 IRS ( IT ) Officers promoted to grade of Commissioner of Income Tax


As many as 113 IRS(IT) officers have been promoted to the grade of Commissioner of Income Tax.

The officers are:

  1. Avinash Kumar posted as CIT(A), Kurnool;
  2. Sanjay Gupta posted as CIT(OSD)(Vigilance), CBDT in Delhi;
  3. Ajay K R Sharma posted as CIT(int Tax)-3, Mumbai;
  4. Neeraj Singh posted as CIT(audit)-1, Mumbai;
  5. Sameer Sharma posted as CIT(TDS), Vijayawada;
  6. Anshu Prakash posted as CIT(TDS), Ahmedabad;
  7. S. Umavenkatesan posted as CIT(DRP)-2, Bangalore 1, Bangalore;
  8. T. Diwakar Prasad posted as CIT(A), Bhagalpur;
  9. T. Vasanthan posted as CIT(A), Hazaribad;
  10. Sushil KUmar Poddar posted as DIT(Inci), Ahmedabad;
  11. Shivani Singh posted as ADG(Sys)-5, CBDT, Delhi;
  12. Ramakant Garg posted as CIT(A), Jalpaiguri;
  13. Rajendra Kumar posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Hyderabad;
  14. Sheela Chopra posted as CIT(A)-1, Lucknow;
  15. G. Gaichanglungliu. Kamei posted as CIT(A)-1, Guwahati;
  16. Jitendra Kumar posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT), Rajkot;
  17. Ramesh Chnadra Danday posted as CIT(A)-8, Ahmedabad;
  18. Kaur Chand Badhok posted as CIT(A)-1, Jodhpur;
  19. Deepak P. Ripote posted as CIT(exemption), Hyderabad;
  20. K. Ravi Ramachandran posted as CIT(TDS), Chennai;
  21. A N N L. Kapthuma posted as CIT(A)-7, Chennai;
  22. Mahuva Sarkar posted as CIT(A)-1, Nagpur;
  23. Peeyush Sonkar posted as CIT(TDS), Hyderbad;
  24. Devi Sharan Singh posted as CIT(A)-9, Kolkata;
  25. Ashok Kumar Kardam posted as CIT(A)-9, Hyderabad;
  26. Rajneesh Kumar Arvind posted as CIT(A), Rajamundri;
  27. B. Kishore posted as CIT(A)-12, Pune;
  28. R. Mohan Madhvi posted as CIT(A)-2, Guntur;
  29. Narendra SIngh Jangpangi posted as CIT(A)-19, Mumbai;
  30. Z. David posted as CIT(A), Hubli;
  31. Suzzain D. George posted as CIT, Bengaluru;
  32. Vivek Nangia posted as CIT(A), Kozhikode;
  33. Sameer Kumar Srivastava posted as CIT(A)-7, Delhi;
  34. Paresh Jauhri posted as CIT(TDS)-1, Chandigarh;
  35. Bhaskar Goswami posted as CIT(A), Dehradun;
  36. G. S. S. S. Gopinath posted as CIT(A), Kottayam;
  37. Manish Mishra posted as CIT(TDS), Kanpur;
  38. Purshottam Kashyap posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Mumbai;
  39. Rajeev Ranka posted as CIT(A)-5, Hyderabad;
  40. Madhukar Kumar Bhagat posted as ADG(Sys)-1, CBDT, Delhi;
  41. Rajaram Sah posted as CIT(A)-9, Delhi;
  42. C. Tripur Sundari posted as CIT(A)-10, Chennai;
  43. K. Madhusudan popsted as CIT(A)-13, Mumbai;
  44. V. Sreekar posted as CIT(A)-2, Mumbai;
  45. K. E. Sunil Babu posted as CIT(A), Dhanbad;
  46. Sandeep bandhu posted as DIT(Inci), Nagpur;
  47. Deepak Kumar Sutaria posted as CIT(A), Jamshedpur;
  48. L. Ramaji Rao Pantulu posted as CIT(A)-18, Mumbai;
  49. Kalpana Kataria posted as ADG(RTI), Delhi;
  50. S. Ravichandra posted as Secretary AAR, Mumbai;
  51. Arun Kumar DIT(Inci) Bengaluru;
  52. B. Srinivas posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT)-9, Mumbai;
  53. Deba Kumar Sonowal posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT), Vishakhapatnam;
  54. Thaggoulein Aipgen posted as CIT(A)-36, Mumbai;
  55. Kesang Yangzom Sherpa posted as CIT(A)-4, Pune;
  56. Sanjay I. Bara posted as CIT(DR)(ITAT)(TP)-9, Delhi;
  57. B. Rajaram posted as ADG(RTI), Patna;
  58. Saad Kidwai posted as CIT(A), Cuttack;
  59. Maya Maheshwari posted as CIT(A)-2, Nagpur;
  60. Garima Jain posted as DIT(Inci), Lucknow;
  61. Manwendra Goel posted as CIT-1, Tiruchirappanlli;
  62. Tushar Dhawal Singh posted as CIT(A)-11, KOlkata;
  63. C. Srinivas Reddy, CIT(A)-10, Hyderabad;
  64. Dr. Abani Kantanayak posted as CIT(A)-14, Kolkata;
  65. Monica khare posted as CIT(judicial), Ahmedabad;
  66. Renu Amitabh posted as CIT(A), Rohtak;
  67. Ajay CHnadra posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Jaipur;
  68. Divya Mishra Bajpayee posted as CIT(A)-11, Pune;
  69. Sukesh Kumar Jain posted as CIT(A)-1, Bhopal;
  70. Parvinder Kaur posted as CIT(A)-4, Ludhiana;
  71. Tarun Seem posted as CIT(Admin & TPS), Lucknow;
  72. Rita Kumari Dukania posted as CIT(A)-13, Ahmedabad;
  73. Gangadhar Panda posted as CIT(A)-1, Mumbai;
  74. Ram Mohan Singh posted as CIT(A)-2, Chandigarh;
  75. Kunal Singh posted as ADG(O & MS), CBDT, Delhi;
  76. Surbhi Varma Garg posted as ADG(expenditure budget), CBDT, Delhi;
  77. Sunam Sharma posted as CIT(TP)-1, Delhi;
  78. S. Balasubramanian posted as CIT(A)-3, Delhi;
  79. Gopal Krushna Dhall posted as CIT(DR)ITAT(IT)-8, Delhi;
  80. Nikhil Choudhary posted as DIT(Inci), Mumbai;
  81. Chintla Sundara Rao posted as CIT(DR)ITAT-1, Bengaluru;
  82. T. H. Vijayalakshmi posted as CIT(Audit), Hyderabad;
  83. B. China Swami Nayak posted as CIT(A)-1, Guntur;
  84. Hari Shankar Kumar Lal posted as CIT(Exemption), Patna;
  85. Samar Bhadra posted as CIT(OSD)(ITA), CBDT, Delhi;
  86. Yagysaini Kakkarposted as ADG(Recovery), CBDT, Delhi;
  87. Rahul Navin posted as ADG(Vigilance), North, CBDT, Delhi;
  88. Deepak Sehgal posted as CIT(Audit)-1, Delhi;
  89. Anupama Ananad posted as CIT(IT)-3, Delhi;
  90. Vanita Rattan Sharma posted as CIT(TDS)-2, Delhi;
  91. Anurag Prasad posted as Secretary, ITSC, Delhi;
  92. Sandeep Jain posted as CIT(Exemption), Delhi;
  93. Kanwal Jit Singh posted as DIT(Inv.) ITSC, AddL Bench 2, Delhi;
  94. Om Prakash Vaishnav posted as CIT(A)-11, Ahmedabad;
  95. Damodar Prasad Gupta posted as CIT(exemption), Ahmedabad;
  96. Mahesh Kumar Shah posted as CIT(IT & TP), Ahmedabad;
  97. Sanjay Aggrwal posted as CIT(Audit), Ahmedabad;
  98. Ajit Kumar Verma posted as CIT(Exemption), Bengaluru;
  99. Sibendu Mohrana posted as CIT(IT& TP), Hyderabad;
  100. Charanjit Singh Gulati posted as CIT(A)-4, Mumbai;
  101. Rahul Raman posted as CIT(A)-8, Mumbai;
  102. Rajesh Ranajn Prasad posted as DIT(Inv.)ITSC-1, Mumbai;
  103. Savitha Bundas posted as ADG(VIgilance)WZ, Mumbai;
  104. Satish Sharma posted as CIT(Exemption), MUmbai;
  105. Krishna Kumar Mishra posted as CIT(Admn & TPS), Pune;
  106. Adarsh Kumar Modi posted as CIT(TDS), Pune;
  107. S. Bharat osted as CIT(DR) ITAT-1, Chennai;
  108. R. Jayakumar posted as CIT(DR) ITSC, Chennai;
  109. G. M. Doss posted as CIT(Exemption), Chennai;
  110. Mortha Srinivasa Rao posted as CIT(DR)ITAT, Chennai;
  111. Manoj Kumar Gupta posted as CIT(TDS), Lucknow;
  112. Anand Rajeshwar Baiwar posted as CIT(exemption), Kolkata.

113 IRS IT officers have been promoted to the grade of Commissioner of Income Tax The officers

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