Water Management towards Enhancing Competitiveness of Pulp & Paper Industry

CII-Triveni Water Institute-indianbureaucracy
CII-Triveni Water Institute-indianbureaucracy

Innovative Water Management Strategies towards Enhancing Competitiveness of the Pulp & Paper Industry was the underlying theme of deliberations at the National conference on enhancing water use efficiency and competitiveness of the Pulp and Paper sector by CII-Triveni Water Institute, at New Delhi.

Dr Manoranjan Hota, Advisor, Ministry Of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India, urged the pulp and paper industry to work towards effective implementation of the CPCB charter for water use in their processes. It is important for industry to address the issue of various contaminants which originates from these industries for future sustainability of this sector.

Dr R K Jain, Director, Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Ministry Of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, in his address mentioned that it is heartening to know that the Pulp and Paper Industry is growing significantly on a global scale, however it is imperative that the sector focusses on its sustainability as well. Since this is a water intensive sector, it is for the benefit of the industry to ensure through its proactive steps that they Reduce, Reuse and Recycle water in their processes.

Mr Sanjay Singh, President, IPMA, Chief Executive Officer, ITC Paper boards and Speciality Paper Division, welcomed all the stakeholders from the Pulp and Paper sector, government, and academia. He expressed the need to look at integrated solutions, both inside and outside the fence. He suggested that a Mission from CII could be taken to Pulp & Paper Industries who have done exemplary work in water and wastewater management. Mr Singh urged the paper industry to apply WATSCAN tool developed by the CII – Triveni water Institute for ensuring future sustainable operations. He further said that in the next ten years the challenges will get intensified and the industry needs to act today.

Mr Neehar Aggarwal, Chief Operating Officer Ballarpur Int. Graphic Paper Holdings, in his address highlighted some of the challenges being faced by the sector in terms of affordability of technology based on scale of production in India.

Mr A K Vidyarthi, Additional Director, Central Pollution Control Board, urged the pulp and paper industry to work through a mission mode approach towards effective and judicious consumption of water. He mentioned that CPCB has notified the ‘National Charter’ which has to be implemented by all the pulp and paper industry in a time bound manner. The Charter focusses on participatory approach, technology up gradation, and standardization of processes. Mr Vidyarthi focused upon special attention that has been laid on contaminant control & management and asked industry for preparing effective action plans for augmentation and enhancement of effective water use in the sector, especially those in the Ganga Basin States.

Mr Ved Krishna, Past Chairman – CII UP State Council & Managing Director Yash Papers Ltd, in his address mentioned the need to improve at source rather than end of pipe treatment. He said there is a need to have a collaborative approach and work towards innovative solutions.

Dr Kapil Narula, ED and CEO , CII – Triveni Water Institute suggested the industries to focus on source protection, where through water audits, water pinch and application of integrated Tools such as CII’s WATSCAN innovative solutions can be arrived at. He also mentioned that there should be a framework that should be able to handle resilience to extremes. He emphasized on process integration to help curtail fresh water consumption in the pulp and paper sector.

The Sessions of the Conference witnessed eminent speakers like Mr Arun Bijur Managing Director SPB Projects & Consultancy Ltd, Mr Anil Kumar Chief Executive Officer Shreyans Industries Ltd ,B.V Mr Ved Krishna Past Chairman  CII UP State Council& Managing Director Yash Papers Ltd, Mr Basab Ghosh  Deputy General Manager ITC Limited, PSPD Dr Vivek Kumar Associate Professor Department of Pulp and Paper Technology IIT Rourkee , Mr Sanjay Gupta, Senior Counsellor & Head , Advisory Services CII – Triveni Water Institute, Dr S V Subrahmanyam GM(R&D and QC), Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Mr V Vijay Vardhan , Manager – Operations, ITC Ltd , Ms Shilpa Nischal, Counsellor, CII – Triveni Water Institute deliberated upon the strategies to achieve international benchmarks with a long term perspective through sustainable water management practices.

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