Water ATMs at all Metro Stations

DMRC- MD-Mangu Singh -indianbureaucracy
DMRC- MD-Mangu Singh -indianbureaucracy

All metro stations to have Water ATMs Now Metro passengers will get drinking water as per WHO standard: Mr. Mangu Singh Avail 250 ml of water in ₹ 2 and 1 litre in  ₹ 5 Real time display of water quality will be  shown each time Water is taken from the water ATMs.

To provide world standard qualities DMRC will now provide Metro passengers with mineralized RO water. PI-LO Water ATMs will be installed at all metro stations which is the joint initiative of DMRC and Abhyudaya Automations Pvt Ltd. This scheme was launched officially on the World Environment Day on June 5th 2016, the inauguration was done by DMRC MD Mr Mangu Singh. This water ATM will provide 250 ml of water in ₹ 2 and 1  litre in 5 ₹. This whole initiative is free of plastic, a paper glass with 250 ml of capacity will be provided for drinking water, while for 1 litre of water one has to bring his own bottle.DMRC-pi lo-indianbureaucracy

Inaugurating the mobile Water ATM DMRC MD Mr Mangu Singh said now  Metro passengers can get access to purified water at an affordable price. This water ATM is eco friendly so along with DMRC  whole Delhi NCR will be benefited both socially and ecologically.

The director of Abhyudaya automation Jatin Ahlawat told that this machine is fully automatic which will display water TDS, temperature  etc using the sensor Technology. Before filling the Water ATMs water will be tested on a daily basis. Ultraviolet Technology is used to make water tank free from any kind of infection caused because of air or light penetration.  Food grade passed elements are used for manufacturing these water ATMs.

Company director Mr Vikas said this minimal price of Water is taken because its essential to keep 2 operators along with machine otherwise its operation will be affected. Along  with Water each machine will be providing employment to 2  persons. In the near future we plan to employees more women and differently abled persons. In this way this machine is a good example of Make in India and Startup India.Ravan of plastic-dmrc-indianbureaucracy

Swach Bharat Abhiyan is also is strengthened as it helps to curb the menace of plastic.  the paper glass provided  is also recycled so as to utilise the resources optimally.

DMRC launched this machine at botanical garden Metro Station as a pilot project. After extensive testingand watching   smooth operational procedures this project was given a green signal. The cold water provided by these machines is RO purified and  BIS passsed. This eco friendly project was dedicated to public on World Environment Day on June 5th.Ravan of plastic with 50 foot height.

On the World Environment Day a special message was delivered at Central Park in Connaught Place by displaying a 50 foot tall plastic statue made from 20000 plastic bottles . This plastic Ravan was made up of the plastic bottles that were thrown away by visitors at this park. Approximately 20000 bottles are thrown away daily in this area. This plastic Ravan was constructed to draw attention towards the growing menace of plastic and to remind us our responsibility towards Mother Earth. This Ravan was constructed by the company operating under the brand name of PI-LO, which is also operating water ATMs at Metro stations.

Company is also claiming it to be the largest plastic bottle in the world. To verify this claim the team of Limca Book of Records and Guinness book world of records also came there. DMRC MD Mr. Mangu Singh and senior journalist Mr. Ram Bahadur Rai also gave the message to save our environment. These water ATMs have started their operations from June 5.

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