Vumlunmang Vualnam reviews activities of Dept Under ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ Campaign

Vumlunmang Vualnam IAS MN
Vumlunmang Vualnam IAS MN

Amidst the ongoing Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS) 2023 campaign, Shri Vumlunmang Vualnam, the esteemed Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, took stock of the progress in implementing various initiatives spearheaded by the Ministry, its Attached offices, and affiliated Organizations as part of this nationwide endeavor. To date, an impressive total of 13 activities and programs have been launched under the campaign, drawing the participation of approximately 1208 individuals, who collectively devoted 24,422 Man Hours to the SHS campaign. These endeavors are diligently chronicled and updated on the dedicated SHS portal

Aligned with the SHS campaign’s overarching theme of ‘Garbage Free India’, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has wholeheartedly embraced this national cause. Their contributions take the form of:

  1. Dissemination of SHS 2023 messages during flights.
  2. Strategic placement of banners, posters, standees, and selfie points at airports across the nation to propagate the message of Swachhata.
  3. Screening videos pertaining to the Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign at airports.
  4. Organizing Swachhata pledges in the Ministry’s affiliated organizations and field offices, drawing participation from 1065 individuals.
  5. Conducting a Swachhata Run within the Ministry.

Furthermore, the Ministry, in collaboration with its affiliated Organizations, has meticulously crafted an Action Plan with a primary focus on cleanliness drives through the regional and field offices of each entity under its purview. This concerted effort is aimed at making substantial contributions towards the campaign’s overarching goals. Notably, a staggering 122 events have been meticulously planned for cleanliness drives and Shramdaan on October 1, 2023, as part of the ‘Ek Tareekh, Ek Ghanta, Ek Saath’ initiative. A projected 4100 individuals are anticipated to partake in these events. The key highlights of these events encompass:

  1. Thorough cleansing of airports and their adjacent areas, including car parking facilities, Air Traffic Services premises, nearby roads, highways, green spaces, and airport residential colonies.
  2. Scrutinizing and tidying up beaches such as Chopati Beach in Porbander and R.K. Beach in Vishakhapatnam.
  3. Undertaking cleaning activities at tourist destinations like Sao Jacinto Island Bridge and the associated church premises in Goa.

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