Uma Bharti holds meeting with CM of Karnataka & PWD Minister of Tamil Nadu


In a passionate appeal to the people of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka the Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Sushri Uma Bharti has called upon them to maintain peace and cordial atmosphere. Addressing the media after holding a four hour long meeting on Cauvery issue with Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri Siddaramaiah and PWD Minister of Tamil Nadu Shri EK Palaniswamy in New Delhi the Minister said “I am ready to sit on hunger strike, if required, to maintain peace in both the states”. Seeking support from the media for peace and cordial atmosphere in both the states the Minister said water has always been a symbol of love and kindness. With reference to Cauvery issue she referred to an Indian saint and said that it has always been part of our culture to receive minimum and give maximum to others. Referring to the positive role of media on Mahanadi and Krishna water issue Sushri Bharti said she hopes that media will play the same role so that passions don’t run high on both sides.

The Minister informed that today’s meeting was held in a very cordial atmosphere. She said there was a suggestion from Karnataka to send a team of experts from centre to both the states to study rainfall and water availability in Cauvery basin. As Tamil Nadu had some reservations on the suggestion no compromise could be reached on the issue.

Earlier welcoming the Chief Minister of Karnataka and PWD Minister of Tamil Nadu Sushri Bharti said the Attorney General of India has advised that it would be appropriate that the Union Minister for Water Resources call for a meeting of both the States. She said Supreme Court has given all the three of us an opportunity to discuss, facilitate and resolve the current Carvery water impasse in a cordial atmosphere. She said “On that premise, I hope that both the States will show empathy to each other’s need for arriving at a mutually acceptable solution”.

In her concluding remarks the Minister thanked the CM of Karnataka and PWD Minister of Tamil Nadu for attending the talks. She said delegation from both the States presented their views on the Cauvery Water Dispute. She said “I have noted the views expressed by both the States, which will be conveyed to the Honourable Supreme Court through the Attorney General of India”.

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