Traditional Community Rights of Tribals


Only those tribals and other traditional forest dwellers are entitled to receive forest rights who fulfill the eligibility criteria as stipulated in FRA. This Act aims at vesting forest rights to all eligible tribals and other traditional forest dwellers, which is an ongoing process. Upto 31.8.2016 a total of 42,09,403 (40,97,352 individual and 1,12,051 community) claims have been received against which 16,94,587( 16,47,144 individual and 47,443 community) titles have been distributed. A total of 19,60,913 claims (individual and community) have been rejected.

Different states are at different stages of implementation of the Act. Representations are received from time to time regarding implementation of the Forest Rights Act, 2006. As the responsibility for implementing the provisions of the Forest Rights Act lies with the State Governments, these representations are referred to the respective State Government/UT Administrations for taking necessary action at their level. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs constantly follows up with the concerned States/UTs and provides support by holding consultations in different parts of the county and clarify doubts whenever required.

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