Temporary work Visa for IT Professionals


Government of India has taken up the visa as well as social security issues with the United States (US) both bilaterally and in other forums from time to time to address the concerns arising out of the impact of such measures on the domestic industry particularly the Indian Information Technology (IT) industry.

Visa related issues of IT industry have been raised with the US Government at the Ministerial dialogues during the Strategic and Commercial Dialogue in August 2016 and the Trade Policy Forum in October 2016. Also, the matter on US visa fee hike has been raised by India at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Geneva. India had consultations with the United States on 11-12 May 2016 at the WTO, Geneva under WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism. India had raised claims on US measures relating to:

i. Fees for L-1 and H-1B visas;

ii. Numerical commitment for H-1B visas.

India is also pursuing for bilateral Totalization Agreement with the US. In the Trade Policy Forum held in October,2016, both the countries acknowledged the ongoing discussions on totalisation and resolved to continue their engagement on the elements required in both countries in order to pursue a bilateral Totalisation Agreement.

During the Trade Policy Forum held in October, 2106, India and the US decided to continue their engagement on visa issues and reiterated their resolve to facilitate the movement of professionals. India would continue the efforts with the new Government of the US under the leadership of their new President Mr. Donald Trump also.

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