Team ONGC saves a Giant Turtle at NQ Complex


Not every story ends so beautifully about sea life mistakenly caught in a net, so it’s important to recognise when one does!

It is an established fact that ONGC being a responsible corporate entity, is committed towards Environment by its ecologically sensitive working practices. But this time, ONGCians have demonstrated this sensitivity to wildlife even during their operations. Team of ONGCians at NQ Process Complex of Mumbai High rescued a Giant Turtle.

On 11th October, a giant Sea Turtle, weighing over 25 Kg and about half a Meter length was noticed near NQP boat landing at the riser guard area. The sea turtle was trapped in an abandoned fishing net which was entangled at the riser guard leg. If not rescued this turtle would have died as it was entangled around its neck and was struggling to breathe.

On noticing the trapped sea turtle, OIM-NQO formed a Rescue Team which made an arrangement by which the trapped turtle could be lifted to the spider deck to remove it from the fishing net.

After moving the turtle to the spider deck the fishing net which was entangled around the neck of the turtle was cut carefully and the turtle was removed from fishing net. Thereafter it was carefully released to the sea and it swam away happily.

Rescue Team with Giant Turtle                 Giant Turtle before releasing in to the Sea

Most species of sea turtles have been put in category of Endangered Species. Team NQ, in that sense has contributed to Wildlife conservation and set an example for all to emulate.

Asset Manager of MH Asset congratulated OIM NQ-Complex team for their commendable job and their commitment towards protection of marine creature.  He further stressed the need to spread awareness about the hazards of abandoned fishing nets to marine lives

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