Tarot Numerology Predictions for this Week | 29th to 4th August 2019

Manish Mallviya ,Predictions Celebrities Numerologist,Tarot Reader
Manish Mallviya ,Predictions Celebrities Numerologist,Tarot Reader

Tarot Numerology Predictions for this Week | 29th to 4th August 2019

  01,10,19,28 who have a birthday …You have all the qualities to increase your income, use it.  New opportunities can come in the work area. To make relationship strong have to understand importance of it. Be careful of storm

LUCKY TIPS: Take a coin of five rupees from someone and keep it with you.

Lucky Color: White, Blue, Sky, Chocolate.

Lucky Date: 30,1,2,3.

02,11,20,29 who have a birthday …Investigate before investing money to get the maximum benefit. Time to celebrate any success in the work place will continue. Be neutral in relationships, sweetness will increase. You will find happiness again in health.

Lucky Tips: donate curd to blind beggars.

Lucky Color: Pink, Orange.

Lucky Date: 29,1,2,3.

 03,12,21,30 who have a birthday …Any donation with the help of money or someone’s help in money.  In the work place, you will have the power to do everything on your own but do not take unnecessary risk. If there is a scrap of any property in the relationship, then do not expect to be solved. No carelessness in health.

Lucky Tips: Keep a coin of copper with you.

Lucky Color: Red, Pink.

Lucky Date: 30,1,3.

 04,13,22,31 who have a birthday …The combination of intelligence and hard work will help in the game of money.  Balance the work and relationships to grow.  Stay neutral in relationships will increase sweetness.  Health related problems will improve.

Lucky Tips: Chanting of OM

Lucky Color: Blue, Brown.

Lucky Date: 31,1,4.

 05,14,23 whose birthday is … To finish dullness in the relationship, make fun and enjoy, but think before to spend the money, you may need money in future.  In the health old friends will get together.

Lucky Tips: Fill the rain water in a green glass bottle and keep it in the north.

Lucky Color: White, Yellow.

Lucky Date: 30,31,1,4.

 06,15,24 who have a birthday …You may get harmed by deception or natural disasters. Finding something will not be easy from women boss in the workplace. Those who have no children and those who are not married will get good news.  The help of money will be available for the treatment of any disease.

Lucky Tips: Feed the cow with green fodder.

Lucky Color: White, Yellow.

Lucky Date: 31,1,2,4.

 07,16,25 who have a birthday … Continuous effort is needed to make your income good. Because the hard work you do, will get the same result.  Relationships with new people will increase.  Health will be good.

Lucky Tips: Read Hanuman Chalisa

Lucky Color: White, Yellow, Green.

Lucky Date: 30,31,1,2,3.

08,17,26 who have a birthday … Will get some new opportunities, which will be beneficial.  Any investment can be of immediate benefit. Give importance to relationship will keep you to be happy. Dispute with anyone or negligence can harm the health.

Lucky Tips: Offer milk on Shivling.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Purple, Pink.

Lucky Date: 30,3,4.

 09,18,27 whose birthday is …There will be frustrations in the workplace and there may be stress for money. More attention should be paid to maintain relationships.  Health will be good despite some troubles.

Lucky Tips: Chant Gayatri Mantra.

Lucky Color: Orange, Red, Pink.

Lucky Date: 30,1,3.


manish mallviya, tarot reading, numerologist_indian bureaucracyPredictions by MANISH MALLVIYA , a Mumbai based NUMEROLOGIST and TAROT CARD READER. He has been doing this as a profession for the last 8 years and counts many celebrities from TV , Businesses and Corporate as his clients. He can be contacted over his Watsapp no: +91-7715965860  or email Id: manishvmalviya@gmail.com  The calculations and predictions are based on his research work.

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