Steps taken to promote Khadi Sector


The Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) have been implementing various schemes/programmes for the development of khadi through Khadi and Village Industries Commission(KVIC). There has been significant growth in the production, sales and employment during preceding years. The production and sales of khadi during last three years are:

Year Production Sales
(Rs. in crore)
Cumulative Employment (in lakh persons)
(lakh sq. metre)
(Rs. in crore)
2011-12 887.32 716.99 967.87 10.45
2012-13 909.85 761.93 1021.56 10.71
2013-14 932.51 811.07 1081.04 10.98

The main items exported under Khadi are Silk & Muslin, Ready Made Garments, Textile Based Handicraft and Charkha. The product-wise and country-wise export of khadi products during last three years is:

Sr. No. Products Export
(Rs. in lakh)
1. Khadi
(Silk & Muslin)
3.51 UK, USA, Thailand, Italy, Malaysia
2. Charkha 0.59 USA & Japan
3. Ready Made Garments 7.82 Omen
Total 11.92
1. Khadi (Silk & Muslin) 26.10 Poland, Japan, U.K, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Tel Aviv, Belgium
2. Charkha/puni 0.73 USA & Japan
3. Ready Made Garments 32.50 Malaysia, Singapore
Total 59.33
1. Khadi (woolen Silk & Muslin) 2.61 Italy, Australia, Poland
2. Textile based Handicraft 3.56 USA, & Japan
3. Charkha/puni 2.12 USA, & Japan
4. Ready Made Garments 20.15 Kuwait, Oman, Canada, UK, Muscat and other countries.
Total 28.44
The Government, in order to boost export of khadi products, has given deemed Export Promotion Council status to KVIC under which KVIC has already enlisted more than 900 exporters. There is a provision of providing incentive in the form of 5% FOB value of direct export of khadi products. Besides, KVIC has also been focusing on quality participation in International Exhibitions and Buyer-Seller Meets abroad to tap new/emerging markets for khadi products.

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