Special Campaign 3.0 | Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region


The Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MDoNER) and its organizations are actively participating in Special Campaign 3.0 for the institutionalization of Swachhata. The campaign, which started on October 2, 2023, and will continue until October 31, 2023, focuses on achieving specific targets related to the digitization of physical parliament question files, disposal of scrap and redundant items, and minimizing pendency.

Key activities planned during the campaign include:

  1. Review of Old Physical Records/Files:
    • Identified old physical records/files will be reviewed based on e-record retention schedules.
  2. Disposal of Pending References:
    • Efforts will be made to dispose of all pending references from PMO/MP/State Governments/IMC and Public Grievances and Parliament Assurances.
  3. Disposal of Scrap Material:
    • Scrap material and redundant items identified during the preparatory phase will be disposed of following the prescribed procedure in the General Financial Rules (GFR).
  4. Promotion of Environment-Friendly Practices:
    • The campaign aims to promote environment-friendly practices, create awareness about embracing sustainable measures, and implement essential protocols and mechanisms.
  5. Workshops on Waste Management:
    • Workshops will be organized to enhance understanding of the waste crisis and its management.

The focus is on enhancing efficiency, minimizing pending tasks, promoting sustainability, and ensuring proper waste management practices. The campaign aligns with the broader goals of maintaining cleanliness, transparency, and effective governance.

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