Social Forestry


There are provisions under the National Forest Policy, 1988 to encourage a need-based and time bound programme of afforestation and tree planting through afforestation, social forestry & farm forestry with involvement of local communities. The Policy encourages planting of trees alongside roads, railway lines, rivers and streams and canals, and on other unutilized lands under State/corporate, institutional or private ownership including creation of green belts in urban/industrial areas as well as in arid tracts.

At present there are two major afforestation schemes namely National Afforestation Programme (NAP) and National Mission for a Green India (GIM) operational in the Ministry. Both these schemes are implemented in participatory mode under Joint Forest Management (JFM) approach. NAP is aimed at afforestation and eco-restoration of degraded forests and adjoining areas whereas GIM aims at increasing the forest cover of country along with improving its quality. There is a component under GIM to support forestry on farm lands for taking up Agro-forestry and Social forestry.

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