Shri Bandaru Dattatreya Greets Workers on Eve of International Labour Day

Shri Bandaru ib
Shri Bandaru ib

Shri Dattatreya, the Minister of State(IC),Labour and Employment(L&E) has greeted the Workers in India on the eve of International Labour Day. In a message the Minister reiterated the Government’scommitment to establish the dignity of labour, to bring transparency and accountability in the enforcement of Labour Laws and to promote of workers’ welfare through good governance initiatives.Today is International Workers Day also known as Labour Day or May Day.Following is the text of the Minister’s Message:“I extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to the workers in the country. Government of India in its endeavors is guided by the mantra of “Shramev Jayate”. Work is a celebration only when both partners – the worker and industry – thoroughly benefit from it. I would like to take this opportunity to take you through some of the new initiatives that we have taken in this last one year so that our workforce becomes an integral part of our vision for inclusive growth.“On 16 October 2014, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, ShriNarendraModi inaugurated theShramevJayateKaryakram, to  launcha series of Good Governance initiatives. My Ministry is committed to bringing transparency and accountability in the enforcement of  Labour Laws. On the other hand Ministry is also taking important initiatives to establish the dignity and respect for each and every worker in the country through provision of social security while at the same time enhancing the avenues and quality of employment.“The clarion call of Hon’ble Prime Minister for “Make in India” finds echo in our initiatives to ensure the ease of doing business. We believe that the ease in compliance will create massive avenues of employment for the youth of this country and in turn also promote  “transition to formality” in a big way.“Good Governance through effective use of information technology is the underlying idea behind the initiative of  Digital India.  The Ministry of Labour & Employment launched a unified Web Portal‘Shram SuvidhaPortal’ on 16th October, 2014. Unique labour identification number (LIN)has been allotted to more than 9.5 lakh existing establishments tofacilitate    online registration and filing of self-certified and simplified Single Online Return insteadof filing separate returns under multiple labour laws. The facility for filing Common Return under 8 Labour Acts was launched recently on 24thApril 2015. Very soon, we are also going to launch the facility of Common registration under 5 Labour Acts on the e-Biz platform.“The deliberations on “transition to formality” are extremely topical and relevant in context of India where 92% of the work force is in unorganized sector. My government is committed for the cause of unorganized workers.  Reduction of inequality and providing social protection to all is a step forward for inclusive growth. Providing social security to one and all is the priority for the  government.Universal Account Number has been allotted to more than 4.47 crore workers in the organized sector which will pave way for complete portability of EPF benefits. 99% payment to members are being made electronically. SMS alert for monthly contribution and accumulation are being sent. We also plan to include contract and construction workers in UAN to bring them under formal social security cover. The minimum pension of Rs.1000/-  which was notified in September 2014 has now been extended to perpetuity.  Also the notification has been issued for Enhancement of wage ceiling under EPFO from Rs.6500/- to Rs.15000/-. Pension is now being credited to about 50 lakhs pensioners  every month on first working day. For the first time ever, 15.54 crore member accounts pertaining to 103 of 122 EFP offices have been updated on 1stApril 2015, that is, on the first day of new financial year.“In another major initiative that is in progress, we are going to start Identification and registration of unorganized workers as per the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act, 2008 leading to creation of database of unorganized workers. An identity card to unorganized workers with linkages with Aadhaar No. and Bank Account No. will be issued for convergence of Social Security Schemes for unorganized workers on a single platform.“India is a young country with more than 65% of the population in the working age category. We are responding to the vision of Skill India to harness the potential of this unprecedented demographic dividend .Over the last one year there have been major initiatives to promote Demand Responsive Vocational Training And Career Services to enhance employment and employability of our youth and other vulnerable sections of the workforce. Apprentice Protsahan Yojana(APY) launched on 16thOctober, 2014 aims to support one lakh apprentices in next two and a half years by sharing  50 % of the stipend with a  vision to have more than 20 lakh apprentices in next few years against present number of 2.9 lakh. Enhanced rates of stipend indexed to minimum wage of semi-skilled worker have been notified for trade apprentices.“We are modernizing our employment Services. National Career Service (NCS) became operational in March, 2015.100 Model Career Centers are to be developed to provide training in Last Mile Employability skills. Another mile stone was achieved with NCVT-MIS Portal which went  live from December 2014.Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for construction sector is our unique initiative to bring the informally trained construction workforce in the ambit of skilled labour. Training  of  ITI  instructors through distance learning technology has been initiated to improve the quality and delivery of training in ITIs.  “Tripartism is the hallmark of Labour Policy discourse. As a founder member of ILO India is committed to the ethos of  tripartism. We have a long and healthy tradition of Tripartite Consultation.The Ministry continues to have consultation with the social partners to obtain a consensus for enacting new laws or bringing about changes in the existing laws. The objective of the Ministry is to knit the views of all the social partners in framing the policy for working class. . Industrial peace and harmony can be achieved only when the goals of employment and employability are in tune with the goals of industrial development and growth. It is our vision to have an environment which is conducive for inclusive growth and development of the country.“With these words I again convey my best wishes to all of you on this auspicious occasion.” wishes the very best.

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