SHAREit Goes Viral at Indian Universities


SHAREit campus activities started on November 14, 2016. The teams along with many well-known Indian bloggers went on campus, discussing with college students about the impact of SHAREit on the Indian Internet market, sharing interesting stories in the course of development, maintenance and application of the software.

Among the 170 million users in India, many are college students. The demand of information sharing is mainly from that group, who are most likely to rely on speed sharing through SHAREit.

At Indian universities, all students are familiar with SHAREit. As the main near-field transmission software, a lot of people see it as the symbol of near-field transmission. In daily life, it has become the most commonly used app among college students, sharing photos, music, videos.

From the spectacular events on Indian campuses, it was easy to feel college students’ love for SHAREit. The SHAREit logo wall drew packs of people are taking pictures. The peripheral products are also very popular among students.

In the second half of the activity, actor Danish Sait also came to the site to interact with fans. He shared his funny experience of using SHAREit. Loud screams burst from the audience upon his arrival.

When the SHAREit  market director Xiaolei Du lit the oil lamp at the event site, everyone could feel the combination of SHAREit with Indian local culture and customs, and its efforts to better serve the Indian market.

SHAREit is ranked in the top three in the India Google Play Applications list, with over 170 million downloads in India. This helps SHAREit save on big marketing costs through strong interpersonal communication. Even for the Indian science and technology media awards, SHAREit won numerous awards with the help from Indian users, and was eventually is honored as “one of three India national applications”.

These campus activities by SHAREit provided good opportunities for strengthening the connection to Chinese-Indian senior manager team and Indian college students. The staff was touched by students’ appreciation and love for SHAREit. There were many happy faces and enthusiastic interactions during the events.

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