Scheme for self certification of Defence Public Sector & Private vendors 2019

Deptt. of Defence Production Self-certification Scheme DPSUs & Pvt Vendors
Deptt. of Defence Production Self-certification Scheme DPSUs & Pvt Vendors

Introduction: 1.1 Self-certification is the process adopted by Govt. of India, Deptt. of Defence Production (DDP) to delegate the responsibility of certifying the Quality of products to the manufacturer on behalf of purchaser, after ensuring the demonstration of the manufacturer’s capability of consistently producing defect free products over a period of time. This reflects the Purchaser’s confidence in the Supplier’s sustained capability to manufacture without defects and ability to assure Quality.
1.2 At present, for the most part, the supplies effected by the DPSUs and those of the Pvt Vendors, excepting the few who have earned the Selfcertification status, are subjected to Quality Assurance by DGQA per contracted norms. In light of the Govt reiterating self-reliance in the manufacture of defence products, the Self-certification scheme assumes greater significance.
1.3 Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) Organisation plays a predominant role in creating awareness amongst the Defence suppliers and encouraging them to work towards achieving Self-certification status. This
scheme has been formulated to bring the DPSUs into the fold and encourage the Defence Suppliers to achieve the Self-certification status in greater numbers.

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