Role of London based Arms Dealer in Defence Deals

Defence Deals-Indian Bureaucracy
Defence Deals-Indian Bureaucracy

As per the information received from CBI, a criminal case was registered by CBI against one Shri Sudhir Chowdhrie and others in April 2007 in the matter of the award of the capital contract for up gunning of guns, in March, 2000. The CBI Report, inter-alia, indicates that the available evidence was insufficient to implicate the accused on the charges involving alleged payment of commission to the agents/middlemen. CBI subsequently informed that after completing the investigation, a closure report was filed in the concerned Court on 29.09.2010 and the same was accepted on 10.08.2011. The Court has also directed the Enforcement Directorate to further investigate the matter.

Government is aware of recent media reports alleging inter-alia, payments by defence vendors to various companies belonging to Shri Sudhir Chowdhrie. This matter has been referred to the relevant agencies for investigation.

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