Role of Global Fund on TB, HIV and Malaria Control Programme

Global Fund on TB
Global Fund on TB

Health Minister, Shri J P Nadda informed that the Global Fund plays a substantial role in care, support and treatment component of India’s National AIDS Control Programme.  At present through the New Funding Model grant Global Fund supports implementation of  ART Centres by providing cost of ARV drugs, purchasing of CD4 Machines, scale up of viral load testing, Airborne Infection Control activities, Development of IT based monitoring and evaluation system, approved operational researches, and a part of human resource costs. This is a two year grant from October 2015 to December 2017. Global Fund through its earlier grants supported Human Resource & ARV Drug costs of ART Centres.

The Global Fund support to India also plays substantial role in scaling up the diagnostic and treatment services for TB patients, especially the Drug resistant TB patients. The Global Fund has been increasing its contribution towards TB control program in India since 2003-2004.

The figures for last three years are given below.

 (Figures in crores of Rupees)

Year Amount of Global Fund Contribution for Care , Support and treatment  in National AIDS & STD Control Programe Total expenditure on National AIDS & STD Control Programe %
2015-16 490.48 1601.25 30.63
2014-15 126.35 1287.39 9.81
2013-14 412.83 1473.16 28.02

There has been token provisioning of Rs. 0.01 lakh for the replenishment of Global Fund during last three years in grant of Department of AIDS Control (National AIDS Control Organization),   but no demand to replenish the Global Fund has been received as such no payment has been made by National AIDS Control Organization.

The present agreement with Global Fund under “New Funding Model “effective from October 2015 ends in December, 2017.

The Government plans to sustain the programme after year 2017 through domestic budgetary support.

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