Revival of Buckingham Canal Network

canal Network_indianbureaucracy
canal Network_indianbureaucracy

The Buckingham Canal and irrigation canals from Kakinada to Pedaganjam integrated with Godavari and Krishna rivers have been declared as National Waterway-4(NW-4). A sum of Rs. 4.50 crore has been allotted in 2016-17 for development of NW-4.

Based on the financial viability and support from the concerned State Governments, NW-4 will be developed in a phased manner. This also includes irrigation canals from Kakinada to Vijayawada and the stretch of Krishna river from Muktyala to Vijayawada.

The following studies pertaining to the Buckingham and Irrigation canals of NW-4 have been undertaken:

(i) Detailed Project Report (DPR) by M/s WAPCOS in 2010.

(ii) Detailed Hydrographic surveys during 2013-15

(iii) Project Development Consultancy (PDC) for development of NW-4 in PPP mode through M/s Feedback Infra Pvt. Ltd during 2015-16.

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