Review of Ordnance Factories

Review of Ordnance Factories indian bureaucracy
Review of Ordnance Factories indian bureaucracy

Performance of Ordnance Factories is being regularly reviewed by Ordnance Factory Board and the Ministry.  Some of the major steps taken in this regard are as follows:

  • Modernization of Ordnance Factories to keep pace with the latest technology and to maintain the production capacity in tandem with the requirement of Armed Forces.  As compared to an expenditure of Rs. 2927 crore in the 11th Plan, already an expenditure of Rs. 4239 crore has been incurred during the first four year (2012-16) of the 12th Plan.  In 2016-17, an expenditure of Rs. 116.67 crore is envisaged.
  • To improve upon the production planning in Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), Army has started placing 5 years roll-on indents for ammunition items.
  • Quality Audit Group (QAG) have been formed at 10 centres as an independent authority for giving impetus to and ensuring quality in Ordnance Factories.
  • 13 Ordnance Development Centres (ODCs) with identified core technologies have been created to take up product development and improvement in core product areas.

In order to provide greater autonomy and expedite decision making process, Ministry has delegated financial powers towards procurement of Stores and Plant & Machinery to Ordnance Factory Board.


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