Regulated operations of Diesel Generator sets in NCR

ministry of environment-indianbureaucracy
ministry of environment-indianbureaucracy

#AirQualityRegulations: The Commission emphasizes the impact of Diesel Generating sets on air quality. Since Feb 2022, it issued directives for emissions control. A revised Directive No. 73, effective from 01.10.2023, covers all sectors in NCR.

#EmissionControlEfforts: Stakeholders are urged to address concerns:

  1. Availability of certified RECDs for all DG set capacities.
  2. Delays in PNG infrastructure for DG sets.
  3. Techno-commercial challenges for RECD fitment / dual fuel conversion.
  4. Compliance with latest standards (MoEFCC notification No. GSR 804(E) dated 03.11.2022).
  5. Emergency services’ use of DG sets.

#RevisedSchedule: The Commission issues a new Schedule (Direction No. 76 dated 29.09.2023) for regulated DG set operations as a backup for regular power supply failures in NCR.

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S. No. Capacity Range of DG sets System to be adopted for control of emissions Regulations for use
Power generating sets of all capacities running on LPG/ Natural Gas/ Bio-gas/Propane/Butane None No restrictions

(Even during periods under GRAP)

Power generating sets of all capacities up to 800 kW to standards as per MoEFCC notification No. GSR 804(E) dated 03.11.2022 None No restrictions.


(Even during periods under GRAP)

800 kW and above


Any emission control mechanism, strictly subject to compliance of the prescribed emission standards for this category. No restrictions

(Even during periods under GRAP)



125 kW to less than 800 kW Dual fuel mode


Retro-fitted ECDs through certified vendors / agencies

No restrictions

(Even during periods under GRAP)

19 kW to less than 125 kW Dual fuel mode No restrictions

(Even during periods under GRAP)


DG Sets not working in a dual fuel mode, only owing to non-availability of gas infrastructure and supply, shall be permitted only for emergency services.

Portable DG sets (below 19 kW) Presently no specific means of emission control are available in this category / capacity range of DG sets. No restrictions during the periods, other than restrictions under GRAP.


Not to be generally permitted during periods of restriction under GRAP.  These shall, however, be permitted even during periods under GRAP only for emergency services.

The regulated schedule for operation of DG sets issued vide Direction No. 73 dated 02.06.2023 was to take effect from 01.10.2023. The revised schedule as above further eases out the means of implementation and addresses practical difficulties and techno-commercial concerns of various stakeholders and thus the revised schedule for regulation of DG sets would be in force in the entire NCR w.e.f. 01.10.2023.

Notwithstanding the revised schedule as above, in the interest of not disrupting emergency services and permitting sufficient time for adopting the stipulated emission control mechanism, the Commission, as a one-time exception, has permitted DG Sets for all capacity ranges to be run only for emergency services in the NCR, as listed below, even under periods of restrictions under the GRAP, only up to 31.12.2023:

  1. Elevators / Escalators / Travelators etc. in various installations;

Subject to the DG set operation being purely limited to operation of elevators / escalators / travelators etc. and not for any other activities of commercial entities / residential societies.

  1. Medical Services (Hospital/Nursing Home/Health care facilities) including units involved in manufacturing of life saving medical equipment/devices, drugs and medicines.
  2. Railway Services / Railway Stations.
  3. Metro Rail & MRTS Services, including trains and stations.
  4. Airports and Inter-State Bus Terminals (ISBTs).
  5. Sewage Treatment Plants.
  6. Water pumping Stations.
  7. Projects of national security, defence & of national importance.
  8. Telecommunications and IT/ data services.

Appropriate emission control mechanisms are also required to be put in place, on or before 31.12.2023, in respect of DG sets being used in above listed emergency services, to avoid action under the relevant provisions of laws / rules / regulations / directions etc., thereafter.

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