Redressal of complaints in various offices

CPGRAMS -IndianbUreaucracy
CPGRAMS -IndianbUreaucracy

Guidelines have been issued to all the Ministries/Departments to set up an internal grievance redress machinery and nominate a Director of Public Grievances for ensuring proper action on grievances. The names of Director of Public Grievances are available on

Regular review meetings are held in the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances for monitoring pendency of grievances including grievances received in Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) through Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).  During the meetings, some of the disposed of cases are also reviewed on sample basis. Further, a Grievance Analysis Study has been conducted in respect of top 20 Ministries/Departments/Organizations receiving maximum number of grievances for identifying the root cause of major grievances and systemic reforms necessary to address them. The reports, based on review of grievances which have been disposed of or pending, have been duly circulated to the concerned Ministries/Departments.

The Grievance Redress Mechanism of the PMO was integrated with the online CPGRAMS in January, 2015.  As per data available in CPGRAMS relating to grievances lodged in PMO, the following number of grievances from very important persons and other applicants have been received and disposed:-

Total Receipts:   725112         Disposal:  558247

Total Receipts:   1029523       Disposal:  752635

2017 (As on 29.01.2017)

Total Receipts: 92652             Disposal:   49196

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