Railways Ministry | Status on Commissioning of Kavach

Railways Ministry | Status on Commissioning of Kavach

Ministry of Railways
Ministry of Railways

Kavach has so far been deployed on 1465 Route km and 139 locomotives (including Electric Multiple Unit rakes) on South Central Railway. Presently Kavach tenders have been awarded for Delhi–Mumbai & Delhi–Howrah corridors (approximately 3000 Route km).  The progress of main items related to Kavach is as under:

  1. Laying of Optical Fibre Cable : 3040 Km
  2. Installation of Telecom Towers : 269 Nos.
  3. Provision of equipment at Stations : 186 Nos.
  4. Provision of equipment in Loco : 170 Locos
  5. Installation of Track side equipments : 827 Route Km.

Kavach system is certified for Safety Integrity Level-4. Further, the certification by Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) is conducted at the time of commissioning, once the whole section is fully equipped and tested.  Works for provision of Intrusion Detection System to prevent accident involving Elephants have been commissioned on 48 Route Km already identified vulnerable sections over Northeast Frontier Railway. Further, based on vulnerability of the locations where elephant movements happen frequently over the tracks, works have also been sanctioned on Indian Railway.

The average punctuality of Mail/Express train services during 2020-21 to 2022-23 was 88.48%. Railway network on Broad Gauge has been electrified on 61508 Route Km (93.83%) upto 31.12.2023. IR has witnessed reduction in HSD consumption for Diesel locos by 44.64% in the year 2021-22 as compared 2018-19.

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