Promotion of E-governance by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

ministry of youth
ministry of youth

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) has decided to discontinue with the practice of sending letters/ circulars / guidelines in hard copy form to National Sports Federations (NSFs) /IOA. The Ministry has decided that hence forth, communications required to be sent to all NSFs / a group of NSFs with copy to IOA (letter to a specific NSF not included) would be uploaded on MYAS website in a specific database for the purpose. An email will also be sent to one nodal email ID of each NSF. NSFs are required to visit the said database regularly and also check the said email account so as to download the communication and take necessary action on the same within the stipulated time frame. Letters will not be sent physically to NSFs for such communications in future.

The Ministry has said that failure to take necessary action by NSFs/IOA for want of downloading communications from the database on MYAS website would be construed as non compliance of Sports Code and action taken accordingly.

However, it may be noted that matter pertaining to any particular NSF will be sent as per the current practice and will be communicated to the respective NSF directly.

The Ministry has asked each of the NSFs and IOA to intimate their nodal email ID within a week to the MYAS for compliance of the instructions.

The decision has been taken in order to save time, efforts and promote E-governance. Further, it was also noticed that the communication sent in hard copy form was received back undelivered from some NSFs due to wrong addresses etc. it was also felt that under the new system, a database would be maintained which can serve as a repository of all such communications so as to easily retrieve the same as and when required. wishes the very best.

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