Prediction for 5th – 6th Aug, 2022 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang

 Month – Shravan
 Paksha –Shukla Paksha
 Tithi – Ashtami up to 3:56 AM on 06 Aug, Navmi upto 2:11 AM on 07 Aug
 Nakshatra – Swati up to 6:37 PM on 05 Aug 22, Vishakha upto 5:52 PM on 06 Aug 22

Prediction Based on Moon Sign

Aries(Mesh) – You are likely to have mixed results as you get a jump in your accumulated wealth, but with tensions, problems from bad people, unsuccessful works. You need to be careful to avoid getting hurt.
Taurus(Vrishabh)– . These days are good in terms of monetary aspects, health, fame, happiness. Even if you stay at home, stay will be good with fun and pleasure, keeping your enemies quiet. But you will spend more, may be on fun, pleasure and luxury.
Gemini(Mithun) – You will get happiness due to your family and children. If not married, happiness in women related matters. Besides this, monetary gains, respect and reputation. However, do not travel as it may not be beneficial and would be troublesome.
Cancer(Kark) – Be logical these days and do not force your decisions as you are likely to have quarrels with family, physical and mental tension. If travelling, cater for contingencies to avoid trouble from authorities. Keep anger under control lest you loose your reputation.
Leo(Sinh) – Even though you will get success and gain through your efforts and maintain good cordial relations, you will feel a loss of courage, will be scared for no particular reason. You will still be able to make new friends due to your communication skills and score over your enemies.
Virgo(Kanya) – The time is not to undertake important work, as you will be emotionally unstable with mental dissatisfaction, difference of opinion with family. You are likely to have failure at work due to emotional issues and therefore lack of happiness too.
Libra(Tula) – These two days, not only you gain monetarily and be happy, but also get respect, good food, enjoy the time with your family but also feel healthy. Luck will favour you and your personality will come out better on social media. However, be careful as you can get injured due to carelessness.
Scorrpio(Vrishchik) – Look after yourself as minor health issues are likely to give you irritation besides giving mental stress due to setback at work. Subordinates and servants are not likely to cooperate and increased expenditure will be an added disadvantage. Go slow and think what can you do to avoid losses.
Sagittarius(Dhanu)– The days are bound to give you an enhanced income, good profit if in business. Your planning and execution of future plans will yield good results, even more than you expect. You will benefit from women and liquids.
Capricorn(Makar) – You are likely to plan / look for change of profession or your job in office may undergo changes/ you may have a change of place of work. Despite this, these two days, you have hurdles and problems in profession as well as personal issues. Things are not likely to go smoothly despite hard work.
Aquarius(Kumbh) – If you have to deal with state authorities, try to postpone or go with full preparation considering all contingencies. You will have differences during discussion, but be flexible in your approach to avoid losses and do not be thick headed. Opponents and enemies will try to trouble but avoid them for the time being.
Pisces(Meen) – People are likely to try and take emotional advantage out of you, but you will silence them with your logic. Knowledge. You are also likely to have increased expenditure with minor health issues. On a flip side, your personality will improve and you will try to invest for future.

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Moon changes sign every 2.25 days, hence the prediction is being done for 2 days

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